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Radio Design

With nearly 500 years of combined leading-edge RF design, development and volume-manufacturing experience, Radio Design’s pioneering team offers OEMs, operators and infrastructure companies the easiest, fastest and lowest-cost ways to roll out their networks.

Offering an extensive product portfolio, including network-sharing filter combiners, interference mitigation filters, technology-sharing filter combiners and coverage/capacity enhancement solutions, Radio Design works alongside its network operator partners to help them roll out new networks faster, make their existing networks perform better and enable them to run all their networks at the lowest possible cost.

Our HARDWARE REPAIR SERVICES division provides bespoke test and repair solutions to operators and OEMs, on cellular building blocks (Filter, Combiner, PSU, TMA, RRH, BTS, IDU, ODU...) ranging from 2G through to 5G, including backhaul, fronthaul and point-to-point microwave; also provided are repairs to fixed line (optical, xDSL...) network elements.

Hardware Repair Services employs dedicated, highly-skilled technologists who are fully trained in their areas of expertise, in order to provide quality test and repair services for our customers. Our aim is to provide a cost effective service with quick turnaround time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide bespoke repair solutions to our customers' needs – which includes prioritisation of urgent projects.  Customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

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