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Save9 connects and protects. We deliver a range of exceptional Internet services – Rural Broadband, Hosted IT Provision and Cybersecurity – helping our business and residential customers achieve more with faster internet connectivity, improved productivity and better data security.

Save9 builds and protects online information infrastructures – helping organisations and individuals around the world unleash the power of digital information. Hosted IT, cybersecurity and ultrafast connectivity are part of a journey towards the next generation of technologies and we’re here to help you get there.

Save9 is a wireless internet specialist - deploying low-cost wireless broadband services to vastly improve internet access in rural, semi-rural and remote areas; not well-served by the national internet service providers. Choose from our entry-level superfast wireless service (aimed at rural homes and businesses) or ultrafast wireless (aimed at tourism-sector businesses - inc. Hotels, Caravan Parks and Outdoor Venues).

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