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Viatec Associates

Viatec assists organisations with decision making in the cellular, satellite & wireless infrastructure and device space, on investment, key operational and technology trends and 'our view' of the wireless landscape including 5G, spectrum use and acquisition, tower (cell site) development and funding, public safety, handsets, transport connectivity and cellular back haul including small-cell strategies.

Viatec is focused on the Cellular, Mobile, WiFi, 5G/LTE Satellite and general wireless markets in the UK, EU, US & Canada, Africa and Asia. With active involvement in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan with technology and OEM/ODM manufacturers.

It works with companies (executives and investors) to help build and grow business to deliver maximum return and value in technology focused organisations in the Telecoms and Wireless space.


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Viatec Associates Key Contacts
  • Peter Curnow-Ford
    Viatec Associates
    Peter is the Founder and Managing Partner at Viatec Associates and its global business. With 30+ years’ experience in global telecoms and IT, Peter founded Viatec Associates in 2002 to assist organisations with decision making in the cellular, satellite, and wireless landscape. This includes device and hand-set management, thought leadership, 4G and 5G, spectrum use and acquisition, tower (cell site) development and funding, public safety, transport connectivity, and cellular backhaul including small-cell strategies and mmWave. Viatec has supported many Investment Banks, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds on infrastructure investment.
    5G largely figures in what Peter does - commercial strategy, value proposition, investment, spectrum acquisition, Deep Fibre and infrastructure all require 5G Technology. He is currently deeply engaged with UK Govt DCMS and their 5G Testbed & Trials competitions and with several Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) assisting them and their local authorities on 5G funding and the rollout of 5G Private Networks.
    Peter is a member of the techUK Communication Infrastructure Council and Board Advisor to the UK Spectrum Policy Forum (where he was Chair of Spectrum Access and Use for 5 years). He is a regular conference speaker and has chaired several panel sessions at TMT Finance M&A, 5G World, Small Cell World Summit and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation. He has also held Non-Exec roles in Plasma Antennas, Eisar, Bluenowhere, Safetipay, etc, and is currently Board Advisor to Dahl Mobile Technology AB, ProtectMe, NextPath, and Snr 5G Advisor to 5G-Courses.com.