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WHP Telecoms

Covering all manner of wireless, wireline and satellite communications infrastructure, our services include:

-          radio network design

-          site planning and acquisition

-          civil, structural and mechanical design

-          negotiating local regulatory permissions

-          building, testing and commissioning,

for a range of sectors from mobile communications, to utilities, Local Government and now rail. In doing so, we work with all the main wireless equipment vendors as well as specialist technology providers We are not tied to any particular technology, equipment vendor or network philosophy. 

Our track record with mobile network operators (MNOs) gives us a pedigree in succeeding in challenging commercial environments. Our experience of working with the electricity distribution companies (DNOs) gives us a rich background in working in safety-critical environments as well as of course working in proximity to power lines.Our collaborative relationships with Government and Local Authorities gives us valuable experience of working on connectivity challenges with substantial public policy  interests.

This diversity of experience gives us a cross-cutting and relatively independent perspective on the key issues in digital communications infrastructure and markets: we are not tied to any particular technology, equipment vendor or network philosophy. Thus, we are able to apply learning across sectors and communications technologies and suppliers to device optimum network / infrastructure solutions for the connectivity challenge at hand. 


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