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World Around Me

World Around Me (WAM) is an augmented reality based local discovery app (available on Android & iOS) helping people to find nearby places to eat, drink, shop, stay (hostels and hotels), commute, pray, refuel, keep healthy or access money anywhere in the world. It is available in 26 languages (including 14 European Languages ) in 200+ countries.


WAM helps people orient towards a place by using their phone camera by using augmented reality. When people step out of a bus stop, or train station or even a building - they struggle to find the direction to take the first step. Many times they walk in one direction and check on the map if it was the correct one. With WAM people can see the direction of the place of interest on their phone camera. It works similar to signposts on the road, just that these are visual signposts on the phone seen on WAM.


WAM is

- Editor’s Choice app on Google Play - very few apps globally have this recognition.

- One of Best apps of 2017 Google Play

- Presently featured on Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei App Gallery & Google Play Store worldwide

- Winner Google Play Early Adopter award 2016 for intuitive Augmented Reality discovery experience - among 4.6 millions apps globally. Award ceremony was at Google HQ in Silicon Valley.

- permanently featured on Google’s “Evergreen Collection” and will be promoted to 300 million Android Go users in 2018.

- Strong partnership with TripAdvisor & Apple

- Rank #2 app on Huawei App Gallery in Europe.


WAM Tourism platform enables city councils and regions to promote their content like local events, heritage information (including interpretive audio content) about locations to travellers using WAM app. This has already been provisioned and being used by city of Genova in Italy, where its promoted at the airport, sea port and major tourist destinations in the region. It has been provisioned in a UNESCO Geopark in England - where local events and heritage audio tours are accessible to users through WAM app.


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