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Zeetta Networks

Zeetta offers a suite of three software products that simplify and automate network operations for enterprises and service providers so they can build and operate their private LTE/5G networks easily without escalating CAPEX and OPEX:

Visualise: Monitor multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-site enterprise network in real-time

Optimise: Run effective NetOps and optimise network configurations and connectivity across vendors and technologies

Automate: Enable true network automation and programmability to make the network more reliable and efficient

Our products are built around a state-of-the-art, network virtualisation software controller called NetOS with integrated network slicing and splicing capabilities.

NetOS is able to create the aggregate topology of all sub-networks in a heterogeneous network – including mixed LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G networks - and allow the creation of connectivity services easily, regardless of the underlying network complexity.

Zeetta’s products have been deployed in several large-scale enterprise networks across the UK and Europe.

The company has been recognised across the industry for its innovative technology and has been awarded several awards and accolades including the prestigious “Cool Vendor” title from Gartner in 2019.

Zeetta has been partner or several national and European collaborative 5G projects including the 5G Smart Tourism and 5G RuralFirst and is now leading the 5G-ENCODE project as part of DCMS’ 5G Testbeds and Trials programme.

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Zeetta Networks Testbeds & trials

Zeetta Networks Key Contacts
  • Paul Cooper
    VP of Engineering
    Zeetta Networks

    I am a leader with considerable experience realising and delivering software products in often complex and challenging global environments. As an effective and confident leader, I have a track record of delivering quality solutions to enable revenue.

    I have many years of delivering solutions that enable service sales and revenues for Nokia and Motorola. I am results-driven. I balance agile sprint commitments to deliver the right mix of new features for sales, enhancements for efficient operations, and internal refactoring needs to maintain the product. My solutions often must live for 20 years so I build quality in from day 1.

    I am a confident leader skilled in defining organisation strategy and executing employee performance management. I believe the best solutions come from highly motivated teams; therefore, I invest in my staff to unlock their full potential.