Leading the way in 5G innovation

Across the length and breadth of the UK, government and private sector funded projects, testbeds and trials have been exploring the capabilties of 5G.  From providing connectivity to some of the most remote corners of the country to deployments on factory floors and navigating the complexities of rolling out connectivity in dense urban areas, the UK has led the way in really pushing 5G to the technical limits of what's possible.  And explored the economic and social impacts such deployments can bring.

UK Testbed & Trials Programme

The 5G Testbed & Trials Programme has been exploring the benefits and challenges of deploying 5G technologies in order to accelerate the deployment of 5G, to see early benefits across UK society and the economy, and to create new opportunities for UK businesses at home and abroad.

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5G Adoption Projects

Over 30 projects supported by DCMS - and many others outside the Testbed & Trials programme - have set out to demonstrate the potential benefits of 5G through trialling a range of different use cases. 

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5G Diversification Projects

These projects are focused on the development of UK capability in future Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies and solutions, especially those supporting OpenRAN. 

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Project Insights

Access a wide array of information from across the 5G Testbed & Trials programme, including case studies, white papers, adoption toolkits and much more.

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