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5G Edge-XR

  • Started on 1 Aug 2020
  • Completed on 1 Apr 2022

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  • Total project value: £2,558,494
  • DCMS funding: £1,486,004
  • Project location: East Anglia
  • Project Finished: 1st April 2022

Among the work to be developed are virtual and augmented reality experiences to complement BT Sport’s services. 5G Edge-XR will for example demonstrate how 5G networks, coupled with cloud graphics processing units, could enable people to view immersive sporting events from all angles across a broader range of devices including smartphones, tablets, AR and VR headsets and TVs. It will also help realise the vision and potential of 5G networks to create new opportunities for UK businesses at home and internationally, and encourage inward investment.

Tim Whitley, Managing Director, Applied Research, BT, said:

5G Edge-XR will combine cloud computing and EE’s 5G network to support real time services that require uncompromised audio and visuals. We’re excited to work alongside world-class British companies to develop a range of prototypes for virtual, mixed and augmented reality and create experiences that will transform culture, education, engineering and entertainment. Our prototypes will be designed at Adastral Park and showcased across the UK to demonstrate the benefits 5G technology can bring to people and businesses across the nation.

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Project Overview

5GEdgeXR is a collaborative projectled by BT in partnership with:

  • The Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
  • TheGridFactory
  • CondenseReality
  • EastDance
  • Salsa Sound
  • The University of Bristol.

Together, these partners will use 5GEdge-XR to demonstrate the capabilities of 5G technology. Using the newly implemented 5G networks across the UK and coupling the technology with cloud graphics processing units, 5GEdge-XR will enable all users to view sporting events in an entirely new way.  Using familiar devices such as smartphones, tablets and TVs, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will provide a totally immersive experience where users can take control, view an event from any angle of their choosing and bring the live event to their own living room. This is all possible due to the capabilities of 5G networks.

These new networks can be engineered to minimise latency and deliver the high data outputs which these experiences require.  This project will showcase how high-end graphical processing units (GPUs) located within the 5G network can be used to off load the burden of computationally demanding tasks from user devices.  5GEdge-XR will open a doorway to vast opportunities for both UK and global businesses.

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