Dundee waterfront

5G across the UK

5G in Dundee

A 5G testbed and public Wi-Fi network for Dundee Waterfront and surrounding areas is being explored by Dundee City Council

Members of Dundee City Council’s city development committee will be asked to approve the £1.1m scheme, as well as £10,000 per annum for the next seven years to operate it.

Alan Ross convener of the committee said: “As a council we have an ambition for Dundee to become a Smart City with the highest possible level of digital connectivity that will improve quality of life and economic development.

“This 5G testbed and public Wi-Fi coverage, as well as the connection to one of our major academic institutions, will help us to deliver on that ambition.

“It will also help us to develop a robust business case to unlock the £2 million assigned in the Tay Cities Deal for using this type of technology. Taken together this activity will put the city in a leading position in this area.”

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