Create rich immersive content

Create richer immersive content, quicker and cheaper

5G’s bandwidth and latency improvements help power innovative, immersive experiences like personalised content, volumetric video, and mobile extended reality (XR). Higher bandwidth also allows for manipulating large data files remotely, enabling content producers to use cloud-based and AI-driven tools to improve the quality of output, quicker, and at a much-reduced cost.  All of which means, whether you’re a theatre, games developer or gallery, you can engage your audiences, in-person or remote, with richer, more immersive, experiences than ever before, without the need for wires.

be more agile

Be more agile

To embrace new and dynamic methods of content creation, production and broadcast, creative businesses need reassurance that their processes will deliver under pressure. Improved mobility, flexibility, and reliability delivered by 5G networks, allows creative businesses to rethink workflows and processes with agility in mind. Enabling lightweight, low-cost and more sustainable production, where teams can be deployed to multiple sites and coordinated remotely.​

high quality live experiences

Deliver high-quality live experiences

Over 5G, network slicing allows production teams to ringfence portions of their network for dedicated services such as backhaul to guarantee the quality of their output, without impacting the network made available for consumers. This is essential for live broadcasting, sports and events, where large live audiences will still require access to high-quality networks and broadcasting delays are not an option.

It also makes filming in more remote or challenging locations easier, whether that’s on the side of a cliff or at a muddy festival. Not forgetting the next level augmented live experiences 5G can deliver, which will reinvent the way we enjoy everything from opera and theatre productions, to major sporting events.

scale for your needs

Scale for your needs

Spectrum sharing brings 5G to everyone, everywhere, by encouraging mobile network operators to optimise the use of airwaves or wireless communications channels. This enables organisations to safely share frequency bands that are not being used by the operators, and gives you the ability to obtain dedicated bandwidth for your event. For creative businesses, this supports the production and development of content by allowing content creators to set up pop-up networks and event organisers to dynamically scale the network to meet demands. 

process data

Process data in a way that fits your business needs

The improved bandwidth and latency of 5G networks provide more data processing options, whether it’s on the device, in the cloud or at a cell tower in the near future. This flexibility means content creators can choose the route that delivers the best experience and is most cost efficient for their business.

By moving data processing off user devices and onto edge computing services, 5G helps content creators analyse and respond to data faster, which is critical when delivering personalised, immersive experiences. This also improves accessibility, ensuring consumers don’t need the latest devices to access content, so you can reach more people and more diverse audiences.

It’s true that not all of these benefits are instantly accessible, but as 5G matures and innovation continues we expect to see these open up to the Creative Industries. 

View our predicted timeline for 5G capabilities and use cases in the table below; clicking on the three dots in the top right hand corner allows you to zoom in and explore in more detail.  You can read more about how this timeline was created here.


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