Where has 5G been deployed to enhance factory surveillance & security?

By replacing their legacy fixed connection with 5G, SANY heavy industry in China was able to stream HD video surveillance feeds and transmit the data to campus monitoring using MEC. The network provides an uplink bandwidth of 60 Mbps (capable of 4K high-definition video), which fully meets the requirement for HD video surveillance at SANY’s campus. 

A 5G network at the smart port in Tianjin enables surveillance and monitoring of entrances, exits, freight yards, the container bay and transaction centre. 5G has improved the video quality of the mobile surveillance systems from standard to high definition and lowered the costs of their deployment. It has also empowered the Mobile Edge Compute platform to perform real-time video analysis to improve the safety of port operations.  While the 5G-LOGGINOV has deployed 5G IoT devices at the Piraeus port in Greece to perform video analytics tasks, including video analytics to detect human presence in restricted areas.  This approach could easily be replicated in a factory or warehouse environment.

At IKD, a leading supplier of automotive aluminium die castings used in 70% of all cars, 5G replaced over 10 kilometres of cables connecting 600 machines, reducing cable maintenance costs to near zero and increasing the product yield rate by 10%.
The partners say private networking will improve performance, maintenance, operations and logistics at the plants. However, security is also a key driver of the scheme. An official statement said: “Enhanced connectivity… will allow employees and partners to have remote access to all business documentation, while also allowing support from back-office experts via secure terminals.”