Where has 5G been deployed to enable a digital twin?

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5G Factory of the Future is creating data-driven digital twins to explore historical data and investigate solutions to business challenges, such as floor space costs and optimisation.  It will also be used to test the impact and viability of time-consuming, costly and potentially disruptive ideas. Its implementation is estimated to enable a more flexible manufacturing capability, resulting in a 15-20% machine utilisation improvement (reduction in idle time, improved scheduling) and factory efficiency—arising from data-driven decision making, real-time asset location and inventory accuracy, efficient scheduling, asset performance optimisation, and improved predictive maintenance.

Telefónica and Gestamp, a multinational company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of automotive components, have implemented a 5G-connected factory use case in one of the Gestamp plants in Barcelona. The project is virtualising a complete factory and connecting it to 5G to improve the decision-making process. Data is captured and processed in real time from the operation of industrial equipment, such as robotic welding cells, through the nearby computing capabilities that 5G and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) enables. 

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