February 2021

5G Benefits and 5G Safety

5G Benefits and 5G Safety

5G technologies have the potential to offer significant social and economic benefit across the UK. However, anti-5G sentiment amongst some in society is a fact that we acknowledge.  On this page you will find assets and tools to support discussion about these concerns that are grounded in peer-reviewed science and an evidence based approach.

We are actively working on messaging and tools to help tackle these challenges and will be adding to this page as more resources become available. If there are specific tools that would help you in deploying 5G let us know by emailing 5Gsafety@uk5g.org 

Benefits of 5G & Related Resources

It is important that wherever possible we steer the 5G conversation towards the real, tangible applications and use cases that will deliver benefit to people and organisations across the UK. 

The following tools and articles have been created to showcase exactly what 5G can do and why that is important.

MobileUK: How 5G will help the environment

5G technology can measure and monitor the environment much more quickly and easily than humans and existing technology can. 5G will mean that action can be taken sooner to prevent or address environmental harm and damage.

MobileUK: Why 5G will help healthcare

5G technology will provide more opportunity to speak directly to healthcare professionals, and new ways to be treated by them.

MobileUK: Other benefits

Their mini pack series explores the societal benefits of 5G, click on the front page of each pack to read more.

5G Safety & Related Resources

You’ll find here articles which explain very clearly what 5G actually is (and what it isn't); these can be used to overcome any misconceptions people may have. We recognise that just presenting the positives of 5G may not be enough to allay all concerns.  It is important therefore that we are able to provide clear, informative responses to specific objections and that we help the public understand the level of associated risk. The tools found here will help you to do exactly that

5G mobile technology: a guide

This guide, produced by Government and Ofcom, explains the facts about 5G to help you deal with queries from the public and to combat the disinformation that is spreading online.

Allaying health concerns regarding 5G and exposure to radio waves

An IET guide for policy makers and local planning authorities.

What is 5G? Naked Scientist Podcast

An interview in June 2019 with Paul Beastall, UK5G Advisory Board

5G Health & Environmental Effects

A review of current information on the effects of wireless communications on health and environmental health and whether 5G raises any new issues. Last updated March 2019.

Everything you need to know on the 5G-powered future (WHICH)

Find out more on 5G speeds and its impact on autonomous cars, healthcare and the cities of the future.

Report on the safety of Electromagnetic radiation in 5G NR (Rohde & Schwarz)

Find more about beamforming 5G and frequencies above 3 GHz.