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Industrial 5G Testbeds & Trials

Industrial 5G Testbeds & Trials

Up to £10M per-project funding is available.

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Manufacturing and Logistics Sectors Projects

February 20th 2020 - winners announced

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The Industrial 5G Testbeds and Trials competition is making available UK Government investment to trial new 5G services and applications in the vertical industry sectors of manufacturing and logistics. The aim of these projects is to demonstrate the value of 5G, beyond enhanced mobile broadband, by targeting industrial uses that can help deliver efficiency, productivity, and other benefits in the UK economy, and help the UK lead the development of enterprise applications for 5G.

This competition is aimed at consortia led by private sector companies and requires the participation of at least one small or medium sized enterprise (SME). The application should be submitted by the lead project partner. Leading a consortium will include development and leading the delivery of the project and proactively encouraging participation from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The details of project roles and eligibility are provided in the Competition Guidance and supporting documents.

These projects will explore 5G deployment and industrial use cases in the areas of manufacturing and logistics. We are seeking involvement from a range of companies that have the potential to contribute to the testbeds and trials, such as manufacturing and logistics companies, system integrators, mobile and fixed network operators, and equipment suppliers. Public sector, Academic, and Research and Technology Organisations may also be involved.

Slides and video from the briefing event on 23 July are available here.


NOTE: applications for the Industrial 5G Testbeds & Trials Competition closed on 10 October.

To apply for DCMS grant funding from this competition please complete the Application Form (all documentation can be found on the DCMS website) and return to industrial5gtt@culture.gov.uk.

If you are looking to be the industry lead for a bid into the Industrial 5G Testbeds and Trials competition, Digital Catapult (as the technical and innovation coordinator for the initiative), is very keen on speaking with you to discuss the scope of your bid and to help advise on some of the key things to include to meet the ambitions of the programme. If you are interested in arranging a one to one with them, please do get in touch by emailing industrial5g@digicatapult.org.uk as early as possible.

Competition Timeline

Date Task
18 July 2019 Competition Opens
23 July 2019  Briefing Events
30 August 2019 Clarification Questions Receipt Deadline
Midday 10 October 2019 Competition Closes
Late October 2019 Shortlist Applicants Notified
November 2019 Shortlisted Applicants Interviewed
November 2019 Successful Applicants Notified
From 1 January 2020 until 31 March 2022 Grant Claim Period


The 5GTT Programme is making available funding for this competition, subject to the outcome of the upcoming Government Spending Review. Funding will come from the National Productivity Investment Fund, via the £200 million allocated to the 5GTT Programme.

Sector Number of Projects Per-Project Funding
Manufacturing 4-6 £3-4 million
Logistics 2-3 £5-10 million
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