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5G Create Funding Competition

DCMS have launched a £30 million open competition to develop new uses for 5G in a variety of industries. Briefing events are taking place around the country.

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A new £30 million open competition - 5G Create - has been launched. This is an open competition aiming to attract bids from a variety of industries where the UK has a competitive advantage, encouraging dynamic business models and opening up new opportunities and markets. This includes our creative industries such as film, TV and video games, but also our rich variety of technology businesses in diverse sectors such as energy, water, health and social care, logistics and more.

"The Creative Industries Council is delighted that DCMS is launching 5G Create. We have been advocating a funded competition along these lines, as an exciting opportunity for UK creative companies to develop innovative products and services using this transformational technology. 5G offers innovative opportunities right across the sector from film and tv, to games, to music, fashion and advertising. We hope that start-ups and well-established companies alike will bid for the available funds.”

Tim Davie, Co-Chair of the Creative Industries Council and CEO of BBC Studios

A number of competition briefing events will be delivered across the UK open to organisations and businesses who may be interested inleading or taking part in 5G Create projects, including:

  • Organisations involved in the development, trialling and usage of applications, products,
    services and content creation
  • Network providers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Technology vendors
  • Local authorities and other public service delivery bodies
Location Date
Glasgow 12 March More details
Salford 16 March More details
Belfast 31 March More details
Cardiff 2 April More details
London 11 May More details

Briefing video & documentation

You can also review the briefing slide deck.

Final briefing video with elevator pitches

The evolution of the UK digital agenda is a key Government objective. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have amended the competition windows to allow more time for bids to be developed. We appreciate that as a result of COVID-19 we will need to keep the dates and priorities set out in this guidance under review (for example, we understand that some programme slippage may be inevitable). For this competition, there will be two different timelines offered to applicants as follows:

8 week competition window

Activity Date
Competition opens 06 April 2020
Competition closes 01 June 2020
Shortlist applicants notified 12 June 2020
Shortlisted applicants interviewed 22 June - 26 June 2020
Successful applicants notified July 2020
Grant funding period

August 2020 - 31 March 2022

16 week competition window

Activity Date
Competition opens 06 April 2020
Competition closes 27 July 2020
Shortlist applicants notified 07 August 2020
Shortlisted applicants interviewed 17 August - 21 August 2020
Successful applicants notified September 2020
Grant funding period

October 2020 - 31 March 2022

Please complete the Application Form and Finance Form provided and return to 5GCreate@culture.gov.uk.


Up to £30m of DCMS grant funding is available for 5G Create. Projects can apply for project funding from £250,000 to £5 million.

Required Documents

  1. 5G Create Application Form
  2. 5G Create Finance Form

Supporting Documents

  1. 5G Create Application Guidance
  2. General Guidance for Grant Applicants
  3. 5G Testbeds and Trials - Eligible Project Costs Guidance
  4. 5G Testbeds and Trials - Guidance for academics applying via the Je-S system
  5. 5G Create - Template Grant Funding Agreement
  6. 5G Testbeds and Trials - Potential Monitoring Indicators
  7. 5G Testbeds and Trials - Quarterly Benefits Reporting Template
  8. 5G Testbeds and Trials - Programme Participation Agreement
  9. 5G Create Briefing Slide Deck
  10. Questions & Answers Log 

If you have any questions or would like more clarification, please contact 5GEnquiries@culture.gov.uk.  Your question and respective answer will be added to a public Q&A document unless commercially sensitive.

In addition to the companies who have contributed to the "Find a partner to collaborate with" thread at the bottom of this page, the following organisations are interested in forming / joining a consortium for 5G Create. Click on the links below to watch their Elevator Pitches from our online Briefing Events on YouTube, and get in touch with them if you'd like to find out more information!

  1. Queen's University Belfast | Interested in how people use space and how digital space can support creativity 
  2. Sedgefox Consulting | BID Management Services with expertise around MNOs, 5G, broadcast, utilities and transport
  3. Telet Research | Rural focus on developing multi operator neutral host services to private mobile networks
  4. Airborne Robotics| Manufacturer of drones focused on 3 applications; rail infrastructure, logistics, first responders
  5. Imperium Drive | Focusing on developing teleoperation solutions or remote driving solution for autonomy
  6. British Esports Association | Looking to partner with people to help deliver 5G to sports organisations 
  7. AttoCore | Developer of mobile core software seeking partners requiring extension to an existing public network or use of a private network
  8. The Interact Lab | Our goal is modular, scalable wireless particle basis displays for hologram communications and haptics
  9. Sugar Creative Studio | Creators of AR, VR and MR experiences for brands/organisations globally delivering direct user engagement
  10. Neuron | Looking to create beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) market both unmanned and manned aviation 
  11. George Black Consult | Seeking partners to explore self optimizing network using their software solution (TRL 6/7) 
  12. 5G3i | Mixed-signal IC design, ultra-low power sensor analog front end design, system integration and connectivity for 5G
  13. Millbrook | Vehicle proving ground, home to the AutoAir 5G testbed
  14. Predictable Network Solutions Ltd | Defining, measuring and modelling 5G systems performance
  15. Rcm2 Ltd | Consultancy, systems engineering and full stack systems integration. Particular interest in remote health monitoring.
  16. Rosetta Life  | A sproject that explores the impact and scalability of arts interventions on physical and mental health
  17. UrbanPeer Ltd  | Consultancy that develops and delivers on digitisation programmes / technology strategies
  18. Worcestershire County Council  | Looking to build on the success of the Worcestershire 5G (Manufacturing) project
  19. Smart Rural  | A rural digital coop infrastructure deployment project focused on agriculture 4.0
  20. Crypta Labs  | Quantum security and hardware security company
  21. SETsquared  | Helps SMEs and researchers establish consortia for grant competitions
  22. Nokia  | 5G network equipment provider; looking to be a partner within, rather than lead, a consortium
  23. Lociva  | Focus on private 4G/5G networks based on Nokia RAN
  24. A-dapt  | Developers of an AI-based adaptive media format
  25. Athonet  | Private LTE/5G provider
  26. AWTG  | Systems integrator with plenty of experience in 5G testbeds and trials
  27. Arise Studio  | Immersive content and spatial computing agency / production company
  28. Celfinet  | Global company serving software solutions, automation and technology services to mobile network operators 
  29. Immersive Storylab  | Geolocated augmented reality story world experiences
  30. Edzcom  | Pure play industrial private network operator
  31. Hanhaa  | Connection solution for edge-based IoT end-devices
  32. BT | Data exchange between data producers and consumers
  33. Blue MESH Solutions | IoT Bluetooth Parking solution
  34. Hakutaku | Bridging the gap between emerging technologies and consumers
  35. Hyper5 | Emerging technlogy strategy consultant focusing on how the UK can accerate digital manufacting
  36. Infovista | Leaders in moblie performance management and quality experiance
  37. leapSTONE | Using design to refine progects to be human centred
  38. Locomizer | Unique spatial big data platform
  39. Quortus | Private 4 & 5G Mobile Network Software provider
  40. RootMetrics | Independent assessor of network perfomace for consumers
  41. Satore Studio | Masters in the creation of illuminated visual design and immersive experiences
  42. vPhone | Revolutionizing moblie devices
  43. Unmanned Life | AI for autonomy, Autonomy-as-a-Service platform
  44. Eco:operative | Boutique low carbon strategy firm. Looking for partners to facilite the rollout of 5G fibr on South Oxford
  45. MKL Innovation | Digital facilities management in a 5G world
  46. Brunel Innovation Centre |Developing on 5G within a manufacturing environment
  47. Queens University Belfast | Distributed urban smart farm
  48. The Round Reality Check Productions | Create and distribute live AR
  49. Production Park | Create an intelligent, mobile, portable data hub
  50. Joi Polloi | Specialists in creating compelling digital experiences
  51. Nokia | 5G standalone private wireless solutions
  52. Atto Core | 5G core software experts & testbed specialists
  53. 3Squared | Provide bespoke software as-a-service products
  54. Hyper5 | 5G think-tank developing infrastructure and ecosystem to accelerate the digitisation of UK manufacturing 
  55. Sedgefox Consulting | Bid management support for consortium teams

UK5G is here to support any business looking to take part in 5G Create. If you have any questions or need help, please contact hello@uk5g.org

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Find a partner to collaborate with

The organisations listed below are looking for consortium partners via the UK5G Collaboration Exchange. You can get in touch with one of them directly, follow this thread to receive updates on new entrants or add your own details to the list if you wish to hear from prospective project partners.

  • Eleanor Brash
    Head of Marketing

    UK5G is happy to consult with companies seeking consortium partners. In addition to posting your interest below, please contact the team via hello@uk5g.org

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    • Jonathan Tustain
      Creative Director

      Hi there!

      My name is Jonathan and I am a co-founder of a new company called Arise Studio.  We are new but have years of experience managing and creating high profile augmented, mixed and virtual reality projects for other companies.

      We are excited to collaborate with others on creative applications of 5G, especially in connection to spatial computing and location-based XR experiences.

      We also have great connections with creatives and XR platforms.  We have several ideas related to fitness and esports, ahead of the sports calendar restarting, but happy to partner on other projects.

      Can supply links to previous projects.


      Good luck!

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    • Hello Everyone.  Eleanor suggested introducing myself to you. We are located in Scotland.  The Grey Hill is a multi-media creative industry company that utilises analytical data of digital theatre productions.  We specialise in radio / Audio content and also in live production and film.

      I would be interested in hearing from any partners who are looking for creative industry sector partners to get in touch.  We have partnerships with existing universities and can duplicate what we do with partners to new educational partners in your areas or work with current creatives within our sector to support your outcomes and objectives.


      I hope you are well and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    • Aleks Kowalski
      Strategy and Operations

      Hi everyone, my name Aleks Kowalski from Neuron.

      We are engaged in the digitisation of anything primarily related to location based information, for instance logistics.

      In order to build a world where autonomy is engrained within our everyday lives, we need to be able to trust the underlying data and infrastructure which supports it. Neuron solves this by providing a secure architecture where data can be shared fairly, and applications developed safely based on that data.

      Our goal is to provide solutions to groups of users who need to share and monetise data and services securely. It’s to create a secure data economy, allowing innovators to prosper. We create an environment where scalable automaton is achieveable.  5G with its high data transfer rate is perfect for this.

      If that is of interest to those forming consortia, please get in touch.  My contact details are aleks@neuron.world.

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  • Netmore is a Swedish mobile operator now in the UK. We are used to building and operating local mobile networks. Netmore is the operator partner of the rural 5G consortium lead by Nottinghamshire County Council.  Open to discussions re creative sector projects. 


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    • Hi Stefan, 

      I tried to email you but got a 'message Blocked' response from your server.

      550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281)

      There was nothing unusual or spammy with my email, just an introduction.

      You could contact me at garry@kinicho.com and I can try again.

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    • Hi Stefan

      I've just dropped you an email to discuss a potential collaboration on a creative sector project.  

      Best regards Chris

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  • Spatial-Audio-as-a-Service

    Kinicho is a developer of next-generation spatial audio solutions. Our Sonic Reality Engine is an ultra-high-definition solution for binaural spatial audio. We are interested in collaborating on 5G Create to demonstrate use-cases for using edge-computing to render high-complexity realistic sonic environments and return to 5G-equipped devices without capacity for intensive audio processing, e.g. mobile such as smartphone, wearables, hearables, etc, but do have 3DoF-9DoF sensors.

    Typical use cases will be in immersive/xr/vr/ar/mr applications but also other more conventional media-formats like personalised cima experience, gig streaming, etc. 

    Less typical use-cases we're eager to explore will include IOT/Sensor-based projects where remote listeners could benefit from naturalistic sonic environments, e.g.industrial and other spaces where hazards make accessibility and issue.

    We're not able to lead a consortium, we just offering ourselves as a collaboration partner.

    A fuller explanation of what we can offer is available here and please feel free to contact me garry@kinicho.com for further discussion


    1 reply to this comment

    • Hi Garry - we provide a full end-to-end 5G Platform (radio, core and devices) with edge compute that works on the U.K. private 5G frequencies allocated by OFCOM. We'd be interested in discussing more . I am on nanda.menon@athonet.com

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  • Lociva is looking for partners to collaborate with on a 5G DCMS project. We can bring 5GSA/NSA lab and carrier grade networks (Nokia HW with the latest SW updates) with experience to bear and a history of integrating 4G, 3G and 2G networks into drones, robots, vehicles and backpacks. Our 4G and 5G network solutions offer high speed capabilities - up to 100MHz channel BW in the 3.5GHz range. We are also proficient in the deployment of CBRS and Band 53 LTE services in the US for industrial automation (along with customized EUD's). We look forward to hearing from you

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    • Paul,

      Be interested to hear more, we have an outline consortia and possible town plus thoughts on theme. Email me on petercf@viatec.co.uk.


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    • check your email!

      0 replies to this comment

    • Hi Paul,

      We are developing the most advanced "Remote Driving" technology also known as "Teleoperation". Our solution allows a human operator to remotely drive/operate vehicles and machines using live video feeds streamed over 5G network. Out technology can be applied in ports, factories and logistic centres to increase efficiency and cut cost. 

      Please email me on koosha@imperiumdrive.com if you are interested to hear more and arrange for a call.


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  • Nathan Smith
    Business Development

    Hello All,  NetCS are looking for partners in the creative sector who need assistance getting their ideas off the ground.  We are experts in 4G & 5G In-door and Out-door mobile coverage solutions and work alongside all the mobile network operators. Please reach out to: nathan.smith@netcs.co.uk

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  • Eiman Kanjo
    Associate Professor, Mobile Sensing and Data Science

    Nottingham City Center 5G Testbed - 5G Enabled Leisure, Culture and Visitor Economy

    Along with Nottingham City Council, we are seeking to collaborate with potential business partners to support our Nottingham’s 5G CREATE Bid Application. You can express an interest in participating as a consortium partner and/or introducing potential consortium partners, including private and public sector organisations.
    Focusing on leisure, culture and the visitor economy, Nottingham City Centre would act as a 5G testbed, deploying an integrated 5G network across the City Centre with ‘Application Hubs’, harnessing the power of 5G to; improve visitor experience, increase asset value and generate benefits and improved economic output across leisure, culture and visitor economy value chains.

    If you are an interested in collaborating in this project and have experience and interest in 5G testbeds & immersive experience applications around city places, please contact: Dr Eiman Kanjo eiman.kanjo@ntu.ac.uk

    PS. We are  a project partnerinvolved in one of the DCMS recenlty funded 5G rural projects


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    • Hi Eiman, This sounds very interesting. We at WHP Telecoms will be very interested to explore further with you. WHP is a leading UK systems integrator of wireless / mobile communications infrastructure and  networks. Our end to end capabilities range from  radio coverage / capacity planning and design, site preparations (site acquisition, planning permissions etc), civil and structural design to site construction, active and passive installation, backhaul and power connections, system test and commissioning. My contact details are,  email: R.Sivalingam@whptelecoms.com; mob: 07753 138823  Thanks.

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    • Eiman

      heres a list of the 5G radios we can implement in a private 5G network

      5GC000515: AEUA AirScale MAA 2T2R 512AE n257 8W - 26.5 to 29.5 GHz, 3GPP band n257

       5GC001269: AEUF AirScale MAA 2T2R 512AE n257 8W - 26.5 to 29.5 GHz, 3GPP band n257

       5GC000562: AEQA AirScale MAA 64T64R 192AE B42 200W - 3.4 to 3.6 GHz, band 42

      5GC000664: AEQD AirScale MAA 64T64R 128AE B43 200W - 3.6 to 3.8 GHz, band 43

       5GC001492: AEQN AirScale MAA 32T32R 96AE n78 80W (CPRI) - 3.4 to 3.7 GHz, band n78

       5GC001138: AAHF AirScale MAA 64T64R 128AE B41 120W - 2496 to 2690 MHz, band n41

       5GC001267: AEWF AirScale MAA 2T2R 512AE n260 8W - 37.0 to 40.0 GHz, 3GPP band n260


      And Flexi zone outdoor 2 x 5W LTE enodeb's 

      In addition we can provide LTE small cells (Nokia) 2 x 5W in B40 (2300MHz), B41/B38 (2600MHz), B3 (1800MHz), B7(2600MHz)


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    • Hi Eiman - We have been working with local authorities and city regions on various LFFN and 5G schemes helping write and win DCMS and local LEP funding submissions. Can we help? stephen@digital1st.co.uk

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    • Eiman Kanjo
      Associate Professor, Mobile Sensing and Data Science

      Hi Stephen

      Many thanks, please send me some info  by email. Eiman

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  • Eiman,

    Be interested to hear more, we have an outline consortia and possible town plus thoughts on theme. Email me on petercf@viatec.co.uk.


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    • Would like to know more - pac@lociva.com

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  • Hi there,

    We are a software provider in to rail and construction sectors.  We are interested in speaking with parties that may be able to support us in delivering real time information via 5G to and from the point of use (eg train driver's cab, individual users' tablets).

    Email me on lucy.prior@3squared.com 




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    • Hi Lucy,

      We are developing reliable "Remote Driving" technology also known as "Teleoperation". Our solution allows a human operator to remotely drive/operate any vehicle or machine using live video feeds streamed over 5G network. We might be able to leverage our technology to help your requirement around information transmission via 5G to and from the point of use. Please email me on koosha@imperiumdrive.com if you would like to discuss in more detail.



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    • Lucy - check your email.

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  • "Remote Driving Technology"

    At Imperium Drive, we are developing the most advanced "Remote Driving" technology also known as "Teleoperation". Our solution allows a human operator to remotely drive any vehicle or machine using live video feeds streamed over 5G network. 

    Our technology will be applied to remotely control vehicles and machines in shipping ports, mines, logistic centres, etc. In these environments today, 1 human drives 1 vehicle often while waiting in queues. Teleoperating vehicles can cut costs by reducing driver idle time as 1 teleoperator controls many vehicles.

    If you are interested to hear more and discuss potential collaboration opportunities, please email me on koosha@imperiumdrive.com   Koosha  

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    • Hi Kiosha

      We have the world's largest PRIVATE 4G/5G Platform running networks for mines, utilities, public safety, airports and ports. We have a number of customers doing remote operations and keen to discuss with you. We can provide a full 5G radio, core and device platform that works on the private 5G frequencies allocated by OFCOm in the U.K. regards, Nanda






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    • Hi Nana, Thanks for reaching out. It sounds very interesting. I suggest we set up a call this week. Please let me know your availability by email (koosha@imperiumdrive.com). Speak soon. Thanks

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    • Hi Koosha,

      We are developing RantCell API for drive route navigation based on network connectivity for Autonomous cars using big data solution. Would be interested to explore if there is an opputunity to partner on this.


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  • Roman Grzonka



    DRONE-RAD: Passive/Active Radar for Drone and Surface Monitoring and Control

    A radar system for the detection and tracking of air and surface targets in urban, sub-urban and open environments

    The system can operate as a purely passive radar that makes use of radio transmissions from any source, e.g., 5G telecoms …

    Or a system integral to telecoms systems


    Innovative Algorithms, Hardware and Data Services

    Small flat panel radar system, sizes similar to Smart Phone or larger size depending on task

    Detect, track and image by radar all targets

    Integrated situational 3-D maps of traffic space fusing all data sources including DRONE-RAD, CCTV, GNSS, Websites and WebCam outputs


    Complete technology and product life cycle development from TRL1 to TRL9

    Innovation in sensor concepts, signal and data processing algorithms, advanced hardware integration and Big Data services

    Transportation profits and efficiency by traffic safety, security and energy management


    Visionary investment partners to capitalise on DRONE-RAD profit generating prospects

    Telecommunication technology operators and manufacturers to integrate DRONE-RAD into their products and systems

    National and City administrators to incorporate DRONE-RAD in their testbeds and visions for their citizens wellbeing and success


    Care Of: Dr Roman Grzonka
    T: +44(0) 7954 692 295
    E: roman0164@cybervector.co.uk
    W: http://www.cybervector.co.uk

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  • Anneley Hadland
    Head of Remote Sensing

    Helyx SIS Ltd.

    Helyx is a professional and technical services company, specialising in the provision of information management, information exploitation and geospatial information services. Our interest in this call is to develop edge computing applications for public safety and security, utilising the benefits of 5G for faster, more precise and more capable location services. Please feel free to get in contact if you would like to partner with a company with proven Remote Sensing and Geospatial expertise, including significant experience delivering end-to-end deployments in challenging environments. We have a wide network of defence and security customers and are in a good position to further progress the technology the consortia develop.

    Please contact:

    Dr Anneley Hadland


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  • Hi All,

    Just to highlight some of the capabilities in our UK Group. 

    * We own carrier neutral datacentres housing many of the UK content delivery platforms

    * House a UK Internet exchange

    * Own a non-UK mobile (3G/4G/5G) operator capable of deploying infrastructure in the UK for shared access

    * Interconnects into most fixed and mobile networks (including fibre level access into Network Rail Telecom, Zayo, KCOM, Cityfibre, Level(3), Vodafone, Centurylink, BT, Virgin, Gamma, SSE).  High speed access into many network operators including a main POP for the Ja.net UK network.

    * UK based NOC and network teams

    * Over 20 years experience in building API's and open protocol access into telecoms infrastructure.

    * PFI frameworks to install on street furniture.

    We're looking to partner with end-solution providers/radio providers/software platforms/autonomy and content providers to deliver an end solution.

    Please contact me via the portal or via nicole@aql.uk


    Prof Adam Beaumont

    Chairman, aql holdings (and member of UK 5G advisory board).





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    • Paul Coffey

      Hi Adam

      Are you looking for 5G core network capability?  I represent Druid software and we would be willing to partner to provide a core network to offer a private 5G network.



      07976 329286


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    • Anonymous

      Would like to talk with you - do you support roaming with US carriers (Verizon?)


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    • Adam - check your LinkedIn

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    • Anonymous

      Hi Adam, we provide the world's largest private LTE and 5G platform-as-a-service to operators, MVNOs and system integrators and can provide you a complete end-to-end  5G network platform with radios, devices and core network that works on the private spectrum allocated by OFCOM in the U.K.  we would be keen to help you out a consortium together. nanda.menon@athonet.com

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  • Chris Pett
    Digital Innovation Sector Lead

    SETsquared wants to connect with you, so we can support you in developing strong bids for the 5G Create competition.

    SETsquared (https://setsquared.co.uk) is the SME support partnership between the Universities of Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. We connect university R&D teams with startups and scale-up SMEs to accelerate market-ready innovation.

    We have a very large network of technology startups, scale-up SMEs and academic researchers with expertise in communications technology together with consumer and enterprise application development.

    We have a budget to provide stimulus funding to support 5G Create bids including our member SMEs and academics from our partner universities. The stimulus fund will pay for professional bid writing support to strengthen the funding application.

    If you would like to follow up, please contact Chris Pett, Digital Innovation Sector Lead at the SETsquared Scale Up Programme. My email is chris.pett@setsquared.co.uk.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  • Peter Stoker
    Chief Engineer, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

    Millbrook offers access to Autoair 5G Testbed to 5G Create consortia:


    Test services on the DCMS Testbeds & Trials phase 1 testbed for transport – Autoair

    Transport use cases not exclusive, as site has pervasive coverage across 700 acres on a private, tuneable network

    Access to T&D spectrum on new and novel frequencies

    World first 70GHz mmWave high speed transport test infrastructure


    Commercial subcontractor test services on an independent and impartial basis

    Access to hyper dense small cell network, private of MNO operated on a neutral host basis

    Dedicated network slices and sim cards for each customer

    Great location for filming, demonstration and your customer events

    Reference vehicles and devices in a secure and confidential location


    Access to the Hyper dense small cell private network for testing: 89 radios on 59 masts – 4G LTE private, 5G, 802.11p DSRC, 70Ghz mmWave for high speed transport and more…..

    Independent and impartial test services without any threat to the consortium IP

    Secure and confidential site, data, network slice and physical storage, garages and offices


    Testbed is open to all, from start up, through SME, academia, RTO and large companies

    Outline of test plan and use cases on an NDA basis


    Peter Stoker – Chief Engineer, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles,

    T: +44(0) 7904 509 958

    E: peter.stoker@millbrook.co.uk

    W: http://www.millbrook.co.uk

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    • Hi Peter, We have RantCell cloud solution is 5G,4G mobile network user experience test platform from end user perspective. Solution consists of test automation and measurement RantCell app which is compatible on commercial Android phones is tightly integrated with RantCell cloud server for test data processing and analysis for multiple number of test phones in real time. RantCell supports data throughput measurement, video streaming, voice call tests, outdoor drive test, indoor walk test and network monitoring capabilities on 5G/4G networks. Plus we also have features to predict the network coverage along drive route.  

      Please advise if this is of interest . you contact me at Sreenivas.midatala@megrontech.co.uk

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  • Matthew Mayes

    We have developed an original video content format called adaptive-media (Patent Office UK0000343129). See introduction video  https://bit.ly/38RXK5f

    Adaptive-media is digital media that adapts naturally to the viewer in real-time based upon how they appear and react, just as humans instinctively adapt to each other. Adaptive-media reads facial inputs through the device camera using artificial intelligence to analyse the person and serve appropriate content, usually in the form of digital tools or video content.

    Personal privacy and data rights are fundamental to our technology which fully conforms to GDPR. Users must always first allow their camera and there is no recording or storing of biometric data.

    Our solution is the world’s first AI-based media format that can actively perceive the viewer at home on their PC, tablet or smartphone and respond to factors such as their emotions, demographics, attention, and well-being whilst fully protecting their personal privacy. Adaptive-media is a British innovation with immediate practical societal benefits and longer term opportunities to revolutionize the way we view and interact with content used in education, public health and entertainment.

    We are offering potential partners a new paradigm in human screen-based engagement, made possible by AI running on the user’s device, that is scalable, secure and super innovative. In terms of potential projects, we are open to ideas. We have case studies in education, health, entertainment and marketing. The format lends itself to many potential use cases and as a video format is well suited to demonstrating the possibilities of 5G.

    We are keen to demonstrate our technology to potential partners for 5G Create. More information at https://www.a-dapt.com/

    Contact matthew@a-dapt.com or +44 7711 604767

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  • 5G MM-WAVE (24-28 GHz) TESTBED

    Queen's University Belfast offers access to 5G mm-Wave Testbed in Belfast to DCMS 5G Create consortia.

    5G frequencies used currently in the UK are below 6 GHz. Higher frequency in the millimetre-wave (mm-Wave) electromagnetic spectrum will deliver even high data rates for specific use cases such as in the creative industries. It will be the key enabler of future 5G services and critical to 5G networks’ full implementation. To provide higher data rates in the near future, Ofcom is working on freeing up 2.25GHz of spectrum between 24.25GHz and 26.5GHz. Additionally, it has identified the 26GHz band (24.25-27.5GHz) as the next priority for global harmonisation, which it put forward for use at the World Radiocommunications Conference 2019, where other country telecoms regulators supported the motion.


    Our researchers in the Centre for Wireless Innovation at Queen’s University Belfast have been working on mm-Wave for the past eight years, and built concept devices that can transmit in the range of 24-28 GHz. We can offer access to our 5G mm-Wave testbed to help test and measure new products / systems that need to be mm-Wave–ready by 2022. 

    Our testbed can help in experimentally validating the characteristics of the real environment (mm-Wave) propagation. We can provide full electromagnetic simulations & measurements to help you understand the quality of service level of your new system/application/device in mm-Wave. We can assist with rigorous simulations, tests, measurements and analysis of prototype 5G devices designed for the 24-28GHz frequency band.

    Our deep know-how and capabilities to implement mm-Wave beamforming technique can be useful to any consortium considering using very high data rates for their application(s). Beamforming is an essential technique to provide very high data rates and very high reliability of wireless transmissions at high frequencies (above 20 GHz), and we have worked on it and developed devices to exploit it for the past eight years.


    Access to mm-Wave testbed infrastructure for the 5G NR spectrum / Operating band: 24.25GHz – 27.5GHz / 8 * 8 elements antenna array / Real-time beamforming / Open-source platform / RF Microwave hardware measurement / Radiation performance measurements in our anechoic chambers (near-field and far-field) up to 50 GHz. / Wireless channel modelling and measurement / Wearable systems incl. antennas for Biomedical applications.


    We are eager to explore novel use-cases that will require wireless transmission at very high data rates, that will only be possible in the mm-Wave frequencies to be used in the UK by mobile operators around 2022 (the second stage of 5G, after the initial roll-out in 2019-2021). We do not intend to lead a consortium, but we are keen to support and participate as much as needed to the group project.

    CONTACT: Norbert Sagnard

    Business Development Manager, Centre for Wireless Innovation, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Email n.sagnard@qub.ac.uk or video call (during lockdown) via Microsoft Teams.



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  • Identified as one of the World's leading 5G Systems Integrators, AWTG has been involved in more than 6 5G testbeds covering over 20 sites and 200+ indoor and outdoor Cells. We have also built over 2,500 5G sites across 27 cities.

    AWTG has taken that learning and are now offering 5G as a Service to help de-risk your 5G project, allow you to focus on value creation and accelerate time to use case deployment.

    Please feel free to contact me 

    richard.barrington@awtg.co.uk 07590034674

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  • Dom Dowbekin
    UK Manager

    The MK360 is the world’s first immersive projector and the only out-the-box solution for sharing VR experiences with no headsets.

    It’s an all-in-one, plug-and-play device that fills real spaces with audio-visual projections, immersing whole groups within virtual worlds. Transforming practices in healthcare, hospitality, education, entertainment and events, customers include Catalonia Hotels, Marriott, Skoda, Toyota, Asepeyo, NTT Docomo, UCLA and Haaga-Helia. We are especially proud to participate in a study with the Public Health Agency of Canada on immersive therapies for dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

    We believe that there is no better way to display 360° video, interactive apps, live-streams and more, so please get in touch if you think we could enhance your 5G Create project or if you would like to hear more. 

    UK contact: dominic@broomx.com


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  • Ste Ashton
    Programme Manager Economy & Infrastructure

    Worcestershire County Council (WCC) is seeking to make an application (as lead partner or partner) into the 5G Create funding competition. We have previously led successful bids into the Phase 1 Testbed and Trials and more recently the Rural Connected Communities and 5G forms a big part of our local strategic plans for the county.

    Our Phase 1 Testbed and Trials - Worcestershire 5G (W5G) focussed on driving productivity improvements through Industry 4.0 and Security by Design use cases, with deployment of a 5GNR network, the first such deployment in an advanced manufacturing setting, working with leading manufacturing partners based in Worcester.

    For 5G Create alongside our Network partner and Malvern Hills Science Park we are seeking to put a new partnership together that can take advantage of the existing packaged network solution comprising a 5G Non Stand Alone core and RAN (with plan to upgrade to SA), Mobile Edge Computing solution, indoor RAN networks and outdoor 5G mast thereby supporting both indoor and outdoor connectivity.  The network is based at Malvern Hills Science Park, operating alongside the existing WLEP and BetaDen facilities. 

    The fact the network is already in place means we can offer partners a quick-win opportunity to test and develop solutions, applications and services over 5G. We therefore seek contact from organisations, across a range of sectors, that are interested in developing / deploying use cases that exploit the W5G testbed capabilities. W5G would also consider working with partners to extend the testbed e.g. adding backhaul and new indoor facilities if appropriate to do so.

    Worcestershire will be seeking to include a workstream and to work with others on pursuing one or more of the recommendations from our recently released Skills Report https://www.wlep.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Worcestershire-5G-Skills-Report.pdf

    Those interested can discuss more with Ste Ashton sashton@worcestershire.gov.uk 

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  • Charles Jenkins
    Director UK/Europe

    Kognitiv Spark is seeking to make an application with partners into the 5G Create funding competition. We have developed technology which enables collaborative working between workers using Mixed Reality.

    Our flagship application, RemoteSpark, is a communications tool that connects remote technicians with subject matter experts to facilitate complex task support and troubleshooting.  RemoteSpark is in use by organisations including the Royal Canadian Navy, oil and gas companies, manufacturing, and engineering companies.  We have also recently signed a contract with the US Navy Naval Information Warfare Centre.

    Designed for the Microsoft HoloLens, expert users, located anywhere in the world, can see what the remote user sees and can collaborate in real-time with shared audio and video, step-by-step holograms, field-of-view annotations, and task-relevant holographic documents.  Holograms can be tied to IoT data endpoints for increased situational awareness.  The application’s data storage and processing can be housed in both cloud and on-premise environments.  RemoteSpark improves productivity and operational readiness by enabling technicians to solve problems quickly and accurately, reducing costly expert travel, and equipment downtime.

    We have developed code that is optimised for low latency networks like 5G to help with:

    • low latency in video calls
    • real time IoT sensor data visualisation
    • faster transfer of holograms and images
    • faster AI object recognition

    UK contact: Charles Jenkins - charles@kognitivspark.com 

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  • Hey,

    We are seeking to shake up the FM sector, through digital FM, keen to speak with potential partners. 

    Our mission is to bring your business into the digital age, our specialty is bringing your IoT dream to life. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your digital needs. Our Engineers are experts in IoT Software / Hardware, Energy Management Systems (EMS), Electrical Engineering and Electrical Compliance. Combining our Electrical Engineering & Compliance skills with IoT and EMS, places MKL Innovation in a unique position. Not only will we design and implement your IoT vision, we will do so safely, and to the highest standards within the UK.

    Renegade is our state-of-the-art SaaS based IoT system. Renegade brings together machines, advance analytics, and people at work like never. Renegade creates a network of a multitude of devices connected by sensors. This results in a system that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyse and deliver valuable live insights to make faster, better business decisions. Renegade is unique as the platform is technology agnostic, meaning we can integrate a vast array of technology into the system.

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  • Hello,

    Charisma.ai powers interactive entertainment experiences for the creative industries and education sector. Our recent interactive drama for Sky's Bulletproof was a showcase for how audiences of the future will consume content.

    We are looking to bring Charisma.ai and our creative skills to a consortium able to provide a new "Ferrari in the showroom" for how consumers can experience 5G, exploiting the reduced latency to bring well-known television shows and films to life in real-time interactive formats.

    Enquries to our CEO, Guy Gadney, guy@charisma.ai. More information at www.charisma.ai

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  • Saket Mohan
    Lead Engineer


    EDAG Engineering Limited (https://uk.edag.com/en/) is an Automotive Engineering Services Provider company which provides consultancy to all major OEM’s in the UK and across the globe. With a strength of around 9500 globally we in the UK are based in Leamington Spa . Our customer projects range from concept to complete vehicle development but in the UK our mantra is 'safe secure and connected mobility' and therefore, we actively work with our customers in the areas of 

    1.       Mobility as a service

    a.       Parking

    b.       Charging (EV)

    2.       Connectivity

    a.       Telematics

    b.       V2X

    c.       5G use-cases

    d.       C-ITS in general

    3.       Cyber Security

    a.       Vehicular CybSec

    b       Regulations advice

    4.       Functional Safety

    Our core strengths include wider automotive electrical electronics integration ie systems integation activities in the Mobility as a service/C-ITS landscape 

    My contact details 

    Saket Mohan



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  • We are keen to speak with any organisation who is looking to do either of the following:

    a) Build or use any sort of online customer account (e.g. self-service functionality) that either uses, consumes or interfaces to transport or mobility data

    b) Needs to use a centralised directory service that allows distributed data or resources (e.g. APIs, asset catalogues, etc.) to be easily found.

    The Open Transport Initiative has designed and published the first Open Standards for Transport and Mobility account interoperability. 

    Described as the Open Banking for Transport, our two *FREE* API specifications provide:

    1. Customer-account API
    A standard way to facilitate peer-to-peer transport data sharing and account interoperability, allowing the customer of a participating provider to view all their transportation, mobility and associated data in one place.

    2. Centralised Operator-info API
    A design for a centralised look-up services that aligns to PAS212 (The Internet of Things Auto Discovery specification) that can provide unique reference information, including any publicly available Customer-account API locations.
    Note: This Open Standard is being considered by other innovation schemes, smart city projects and as the centralised look-up for pandemic public services such as emergency/key services or infrastructure.

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    • thanks for posting 
      We'd like to speak to you about high value complex asset directories and 5G ?

      Contact me on Jim.farmery@productionpark.co.uk

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