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5G Create Funding Competition

DCMS have launched a £30 million open competition to develop new uses for 5G in a variety of industries. Briefing events are taking place around the country. Detailed competition guidance will be provided shortly.

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A new £30 million open competition - 5G Create - has been launched. This is an open competition aiming to attract bids from a variety of industries where the UK has a competitive advantage, encouraging dynamic business models and opening up new opportunities and markets. This includes our creative industries such as film, TV and video games, but also our rich variety of technology businesses in diverse sectors such as energy, water, health and social care, logistics and more.

"The Creative Industries Council is delighted that DCMS is launching 5G Create. We have been advocating a funded competition along these lines, as an exciting opportunity for UK creative companies to develop innovative products and services using this transformational technology. 5G offers innovative opportunities right across the sector from film and tv, to games, to music, fashion and advertising. We hope that start-ups and well-established companies alike will bid for the available funds.”

Tim Davie, Co-Chair of the Creative Industries Council and CEO of BBC Studios

The new 5G Create competition will open in early March and run until the end of June.

A number of competition briefing events will be delivered across the UK open to organisations and businesses who may be interested inleading or taking part in 5G Create projects, including:

  • Organisations involved in the development, trialling and usage of applications, products,
    services and content creation
  • Network providers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Technology vendors
  • Local authorities and other public service delivery bodies
Location Date
Glasgow 12 March More details
Salford 16 March More details
Belfast 31 March More details
Cardiff 2 April More details
London 11 May More details

Briefing video

DCMS are currently engaging with stakeholders to brief them on the competition. Detailed competition guidance will be provided shortly. For now, you can review the briefing slide deck.

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Find a partner to collaborate with

The organisations listed below are looking for consortium partners via the UK5G Collaboration Exchange. You can get in touch with one of them directly, follow this thread to receive updates on new entrants or add your own details to the list if you wish to hear from prospective project partners.

  • Eleanor Brash
    Head of Marketing

    UK5G is happy to consult with companies seeking consortium partners. In addition to posting your interest below, please contact the team via hello@uk5g.org

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  • Netmore is a Swedish mobile operator now in the UK. We are used to building and operating local mobile networks. Netmore is the operator partner of the rural 5G consortium lead by Nottinghamshire County Council.  Open to discussions re creative sector projects. 


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    • Hi Stefan, 

      I tried to email you but got a 'message Blocked' response from your server.

      550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281)

      There was nothing unusual or spammy with my email, just an introduction.

      You could contact me at garry@kinicho.com and I can try again.

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  • Spatial-Audio-as-a-Service

    Kinicho is a developer of next-generation spatial audio solutions. Our Sonic Reality Engine is an ultra-high-definition solution for binaural spatial audio. We are interested in collaborating on 5G Create to demonstrate use-cases for using edge-computing to render high-complexity realistic sonic environments and return to 5G-equipped devices without capacity for intensive audio processing, e.g. mobile such as smartphone, wearables, hearables, etc, but do have 3DoF-9DoF sensors.

    Typical use cases will be in immersive/xr/vr/ar/mr applications but also other more conventional media-formats like personalised cima experience, gig streaming, etc. 

    Less typical use-cases we're eager to explore will include IOT/Sensor-based projects where remote listeners could benefit from naturalistic sonic environments, e.g.industrial and other spaces where hazards make accessibility and issue.

    A more extensive call for collaboration is available here and please feel free to contact me garry@kinicho.com for further discussion


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  • Lociva is looking for partners to collaborate with on a 5G DCMS project. We can bring 5GSA/NSA lab and carrier grade networks (Nokia HW with the latest SW updates) with experience to bear and a history of integrating 4G, 3G and 2G networks into drones, robots, vehicles and backpacks. Our 4G and 5G network solutions offer high speed capabilities - up to 100MHz channel BW in the 3.5GHa range. We are also proficient in the deployment of CBRS and Band 53 LTE services in the US for industrial automation (along with customized EUD's). We look forward to hearing from you

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    • Paul,

      Be interested to hear more, we have an outline consortia and possible town plus thoughts on theme. Email me on petercf@viatec.co.uk.


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    • check your email!

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  • Nathan Smith
    Business Development

    Hello All,  NetCS are looking for partners in the creative sector who need assistance getting their ideas off the ground.  We are experts in 4G & 5G In-door and Out-door mobile coverage solutions and work alongside all the mobile network operators. Please reach out to: nathan.smith@netcs.co.uk

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  • Eiman Kanjo
    Associate Professor, Mobile Sensing and Data Science

    Hi all

    We are looking for project partners to collaborate on a potential project with us along with a local city council to setup a 5G testbed along with a digital infrastructure in a busy city area.

    Please get in touch if you have thoughts and ideas in relation to this proposal.



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    • Hi Eiman, This sounds very interesting. We at WHP Telecoms will be very interested to explore further with you. WHP is a leading UK systems integrator of wireless / mobile communications infrastructure and  networks. Our end to end capabilities range from  radio coverage / capacity planning and design, site preparations (site acquisition, planning permissions etc), civil and structural design to site construction, active and passive installation, backhaul and power connections, system test and commissioning. My contact details are,  email: R.Sivalingam@whptelecoms.com; mob: 07753 138823  Thanks.

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    • Eiman

      heres a list of the 5G radios we can implement in a private 5G network

      5GC000515: AEUA AirScale MAA 2T2R 512AE n257 8W - 26.5 to 29.5 GHz, 3GPP band n257

       5GC001269: AEUF AirScale MAA 2T2R 512AE n257 8W - 26.5 to 29.5 GHz, 3GPP band n257

       5GC000562: AEQA AirScale MAA 64T64R 192AE B42 200W - 3.4 to 3.6 GHz, band 42

      5GC000664: AEQD AirScale MAA 64T64R 128AE B43 200W - 3.6 to 3.8 GHz, band 43

       5GC001492: AEQN AirScale MAA 32T32R 96AE n78 80W (CPRI) - 3.4 to 3.7 GHz, band n78

       5GC001138: AAHF AirScale MAA 64T64R 128AE B41 120W - 2496 to 2690 MHz, band n41

       5GC001267: AEWF AirScale MAA 2T2R 512AE n260 8W - 37.0 to 40.0 GHz, 3GPP band n260


      And Flexi zone outdoor 2 x 5W LTE enodeb's 

      In addition we can provide LTE small cells (Nokia) 2 x 5W in B40 (2300MHz), B41/B38 (2600MHz), B3 (1800MHz), B7(2600MHz)


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  • Eiman,

    Be interested to hear more, we have an outline consortia and possible town plus thoughts on theme. Email me on petercf@viatec.co.uk.


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    • Would like to know more - pac@lociva.com

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