Deploying 5G in Places

Knowing what 5G can do for your place or region is one thing. 

Knowing how to go about successfully deploying advanced connectivity to your local community and businesses can be quite another. 

That's why we have spoken to local authorities up and down the UK, to hear first hand how they've approached digital infrastructure and connectivity programmes.  Designed to be both practical and pragmatic, we've collated insights, assets and guides that can be replicated and adapted to help you on your journey to 5G.

Discover some of the ways you can seize the 5G opportunity and be better connected.

Local Community Engagement

Any change or new deployment will achieve better results when your communities are engaged and understand the opportunities.  Issues around data ownership and security need to be considered and communicated, while 5G can bring some specific challenges around addressing local health fears and dealing with planning objections to masts. 

From identifying the right stakeholders, to identifying when the right time to engage the public is and encouraging communities to use new services as designed, a proactive approach to community engagement can help to ensure the full potential of 5G can be realised, by everyone.

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To deploy 5G in your area inevitably requires consideration of infrastructure; what assets could you make available for the development of networks?  What plans do the mobile network operators already have?  What do you actually need?

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Coordination, Leadership & Execution

Understanding the role that a local authority could - and should - play in a 5G deployment is key to success, for the initial roll-out and beyond.  

Ultimately, for strategic visions to be realised, the right teams need to be in place, with clear responsibility for delivery and ongoing management formally incorporated into job roles.  Cross-departmental collaboration is a must and changes to organisational structures may be required to faciliate a shift to a "digital first" local authority.

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Procurement & Partnerships

Designing, building and operating 5G networks will likely mean collaboration with other organisations and specialists.  5G opens up new routes to deployment, which require careful consideration of the various procurement routes and processes available.  Identifying the right route to market can help to inform the development of a business case and the identification of the right partners.  

Private and public sector organisations working together can sometimes be tricky, and successful partnerships require recognition of the commercial realities of any engagement (the private sector organisation must be able to make a profit) and clear identification of what the local authority can contribute to the partnership (such as the value of any assets provided).

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