5G in Rural Places

Connectivity in rural and remote locations has long been a challenge but with 5G, new delivery and business models open up possibilities to bring connectivity to areas that may previously have been deemed non-commercially viable.  Arguably, the value of 5G can be most felt in rural places, not only in tackling the digital divide, but in addressing some of the key challenges facing rural communities.  The provision of social care in rural and remote locations can be especially challenging, with longer distances between home visits impacting the number of people a district nurse or healthcare worker can see in a day, exacerbated by the fact that there tends to be a higher proporition of older people in rural populations.  5G-powered telemedicine can offer a level of monitoring and support of individuals that enables more personalised care and reduces the strain on social care providers, while remote consultations ensure that those living in rural areas can still access the best specialists for their needs. 

And the benefits extend before health and social care.  Bus stops and train stations in rural locations may be isolated, which can raise public safety concerns and limit their usage, especially after dark.  While infrequent services can also be a barrier to use.  With 5G connected bus stops, train stations and rural transport services themselves, services can be optimised and users monitored and supported in real-time, helping to deliver services more efficiently and build confidence in the use of public transport. 

From tourism to farming, rural industry contibutes signficiant value to regional prosperity and UK Plc; 5G can help to improve operational efficiencies, drive productivity and deliver more engaging, immersive experiences to tourists.  Critically the delivery of reliable, high-speed connectivity to people's homes can enable - especially post pandemic - greater opportunities for people to work remotely, helping to reduce the drain of talent, youth and prosperity from rural areas.

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