5G in Urban Places

5G has the ability to improve all of our daily lives. With faster download speeds and lower latency than previous generations, 5G can power technologies to transform the way we live and work in our towns and cities.  5G can enable intelligent transport systems, helping to efficiently manage the flow of traffic throughout places, minimising congestion and reducing carbon emissions.  They can even prioritise certain transport modes such as buses or cyclists, enable real-time route optimisation for delivery drivers and protect vulnerable road users.  Keeping your roads safe, and people and businssses moving.

It extends beyond transport; 5G can provide a critical building block in the realisation of smart city visions, with the ability to connect a far greater density of sensors and devices than has previously been possible.  Productivity in businesses will also be boosted, no matter where they’re located. This can play an important role in enabling local economies to thrive and driving regional prosperity in a post-pandemic environment.

And 5G connectivity could transform social care provision, supporting local authorities to deliver high quality care more efficiently, improving the experience for individuals and helping to take the strain off stretched workers. 

Discover some of the ways you can seize the 5G opportunity and be better connected.


Benefit from the learnings of those who have already deployed 5G