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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 13 Aug 2018
  • Last modified 17 Aug 2018
A weekly roundup of 5G in the news. Got a news story? Please send it to hello@uk5g.org

10th August 2018

  • This week saw the launch of the first "5g-upgradeable" smartphone. 

5G in the press... 

"Why the 5G Pessimists Are Wrong", (Bain and Company)
A lengthy but worthwhile read that comes up with solutions to the three main fallacies held by network operators; 
1. There is no compelling, near-term business case for 5G. 
2. Implementing 5G will require enormous and unjustifiable, capital investments. 
3. The main reason to invest in 5G is to reduce costs or, at least, to improve unit economics - but not to increase revenues.

An interesting fact worth being aware of is that a survey of recent public statements by executives of the 19 largest mobile network operators worldwide shows that while they share a belief in the long-term potential of 5G, more than half (53%) see no near-term business case for the technology.
"New superfast internet won't kill you: expert calms 5G safety fears", (The Argus)
Another week, another 5G health story but this week's one is of a different kind. Professor Maziar Nekovee, Professor of telecoms & mobile technology at Sussex University has said that 5G will be even safer than 4G. 
"Three ploughs £276m into 5G preparation", (ComputerWeekly.com)
Three spent £125m during the first six months of 2018 on new IT and network upgrades in support of the coming launch of 5G services, the firm has revealed. Added to the £151.3m it spent on 20MHz of 5G-ready radio spectrum back in April, Three has already spent over £200m on preparing for 5G and being the first with a commercial 5G network in the UK.
International Headlines

South Korea: Samsung Steps Up Investment for Future Growth, Takes Initiative to Build Innovation Ecosystem
Samsung has announced a KRW25 trillion (~£17bn) investment over the next three years into AI, 5G, automotive electronics components and biopharmaceuticals. This takes Samsung’s total planned investment for the period to KRW170 trillion (~£117.7bn), with KRW130 trillion (~£90bn) of the total to be spent in Korea. On 5G specifically Samsung “will invest aggressively to become a global player in the advanced markets for 5G chipsets and related devices and equipment”.
Worldwide: China has outspent the US by $24 billion in 5G technology since 2015, study shows
Deloitte published a report on Tuesday which states that since 2015 China has outspent the U.S. by $24 bn on what it deems as “5G infrastructure”. In that period China has built 350,000 new cell sites, while the U.S. has built fewer than 30,000.
New Zealand: Spark outlines 5G network intentions
Kiwi operator Spark published a briefing paper this week setting out how it intends to begin providing 5G services from 2020. Spark will establish a 5G Innovation Centre in Auckland later this year, providing a platform for partner cos to test and develop applications over a pre-commercial 5G network.
USA: FCC Implements 'One-Touch, Make-Ready' Pole Access, Vows To Preempt Local Laws Blocking 5G Deployment
To ease 5G rollout the FCC this week has “fundamentally reformed” the framework governing operators' access to add new network facilities to utility poles. The FCC claim this streamlined process will result in about $8.3m in incremental premises passed with fibre, and about $12.6bn in incremental fibre capital expenditures. 
Spectrum round-up
Australia: Australia’s 5G spectrum auction on its way
Regulator ACMA this week confirmed the process for the auction of spectrum in the 3.6 GHz band for 5G. The auction is set to commence in late Nov 2018 with 125 MHz of spectrum in the 3.6 GHz band available over 350 lots across the country’s 14 regions. The maximum amount of spectrum a single bidder can acquire at the auction has been set at 60 MHz in urban markets and 80MHz in regional areas.
India: Trai rejects industry concerns over spectrum pricing; expects demand for 5G, 700MHz bands
India: Indian telcos to have limited participation in 5G spectrum auction despite low reserve prices
Mexico: AT&T, Telefonica bids win Mexican spectrum auction
Italy: Italian 5G tender attracts 7 participants
Trials, Testbeds and Demos of the Week:
GermanyIRT and RAI test 5G for broadcast applications during European Championships 2018
IRT (joint research centre of the German, Italian, Austrian and Swiss public service broadcasters) and Italian public service broadcaster RAI are using the European Championships taking place in Glasgow and Berlin (2nd-12th August) to demonstrate how public service media content and services can be distributed using 5G.