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Blu Wireless Technology has won a prestigious clutch of awards

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  • Published by Ciara Barron on 6 Dec 2018
  • Last modified 6 Dec 2018
We are delighted to announce that Blu Wireless, members of Liverpool's 5G Health and Social Care Consortium, is ending an eventful year, with not one, but two awards!

Blu Wireless were shortlisted for the Elektra Awards, organised by Electronics Weekly, in the categories of Design Team of the Year and Internet-of-Things Product Innovation…and won both.

The ‘Design Team of the Year’ category was open to OEM’s & design houses involved in product development projects with interesting applications of new technologies, in which we impressed the judges with our involvement in the 5G-XHaul project.

The other category they won was ‘Internet-of-Things Product Innovation’ which recognised a semiconductor reference design or system level product which best demonstrates technical capabilities and usefulness for the Internet of Things (IoT). Blu Wireless gave evidence of how the product provides true innovation in the application of the IoT and took home the award based on their work on the Liverpool 5G and AutoAir Testbeds. The collaboration initiated by DCMS and the innovative use cases created by the other consortium members are integral to the demonstration of Blu Wireless's technology.

Blu Wireless's high-frequency 60GHz, mmWave technology is a much needed innovation that will enable the faster connectivity required for leveraging new technologies both in business and in local society - these awards simply reinforce the positive and significant impact that their technology is making in the industry.

Blu wireless founders

Pictured: Founders of Blu Wireless; Mark Barrett, Ray McConnell and Henry Nurser.

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