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Call for 5G speakers on digital media delivery and consumption

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  • Published by Eleanor Brash on 28 Jun 2018
  • Last modified 31 Jul 2018
Are you interested in speaking at the FITCE Conference in Salford on 6-7 September?

The 57th FITCE Congress, organised by the University of Salford, UK, will focus on the “Delivery and Consumption of Digital Media” in recognition of the fact that media streaming is transforming both the telecommunications and broadcasting industries. 

The Congress will examine the impact and challenges arising for both the telecommunications and broadcasting industries by the consumption of digital media and its conveyance over fixed and mobile communication networks.

Acknowledging the role that 5G will play, the conference organisers specifically request experts in this area from the UK5G network under the topic:

5G - a game changer for digital media?

The first 5G standard has been published and services are expected to go live in 2020. So, what will 5G offer for the delivery of digital media and how will it drive consumption?

Full Call for Speaker Details

Interested parties are recommended to approach FITCE directly using the listed email.