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Groningen entrepreneurs explore possibilities of 5G and satellite information at the ESA

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 23 Nov 2018
  • Last modified 28 Nov 2018
Noordwijk - On 21 November, the ESA, together with 5Groningen, organized a conference on 5G and satellite information. The conference took place at the ESA site in Noordwijk.

A delegation of 50 people with entrepreneurs, team 5Groningen and other interested parties from Groningen traveled together to Noordwijk to attend the conference. In addition, companies were present from all over Europe, including from the satellite sector. The conference offered more information about the possibilities of satellite information and the added value of the combination with 5G. An important goal of the event was to enthuse and encourage the companies present to submit a tender for a service that uses 5G and satellite information.

The morning program consisted of presentations from ESA, European Distribution System Operators, DIMECC and the Netherlands Space Office. Peter Rake, program manager at 5Groningen spoke about the cooperation between 5Groningen and the ESA. Henk Zwetsloot of Groningen Seaports and Toon Norp of TNO told more about use cases with 5G and satellite information. In the afternoon a tour was organized especially for the participants from Groningen to the Erasmus Space Exhibition Center.

After lunch, participants could choose from different workshops and there was a possibility to network with European companies, within the themes of agriculture, energy, healthcare, traffic and living environment. The Groningen entrepreneurs from agriculture, drone aviation, the energy sector and sensor technology were without exception enthusiastic about the opportunities offered by the use of all kinds of satellite services for their sector. And the researchers and scientists involved were able to recognize the numerous possibilities that data from space can add to their research projects.

Collaboration between ESA and 5Groningen
ESA and 5Groningen work together and explore how 5G and satellite information can complement and reinforce each other. A large number of 5Groningen pilots can therefore benefit from unique satellite information as extra functionality on top of 5G. And companies from the European network of ESA test in 5G testing grounds of 5Groningen.

Tender ESA and 5Groningen
Organizations from a part of Europe are invited to submit proposals for services using 5G and satellite technologies. The initiatives that will eventually be selected will be given the opportunity to test their idea in the 5G test lab at 5Groningen: at the 5G Lab on the Zernike Campus or at one of the test locations in the area.

In addition to access to satellite information, ESA also offers co-financing under certain conditions to pilots in the field of 5G and satellite information. More information about the tender can be found on the ESA website.

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