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West Midlands 5G Open Call for Pop Up 5G Demonstrators

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  • Published by Eleanor Brash on 14 May 2019
  • Last modified 25 Sep 2019
WM5G Limited wishes to engage the market to identify and run 4 demonstrations of 5G technology in a pre selected city centre area that will generate interest in the West Midlands for the 5G Programme.

Details of open bid

Popup 5G Demonstrations

This document is a request for offers to run some 5G demonstrations with associated publicity as part of the Urban Connected Communities (UCC) project in the West Midlands. The delivery vehicle for this project is WM5G Ltd.

UCC background

The UCC project is exploring how to deploy 5G effectively in an urban context and running demonstration use cases to identify benefits, which ultimately underpin investment in 5G deployment. The project has just completed its initial planning and is now starting activity.
One of the first visible actions will be a set of 5G demonstrations to provide some PR, newsflow and to signpost the main workstreams of work in the project. We are terming this the '5G popup'
Popup in context

The UCC project is running six main workstreams:

  • Infrastructure Acceleration - helping MNOs to deploy 5G in partnership with local authorities
  • Application Accelerator - helping end user organisation and technology companies to engage, explore and integrate with 5G and related technologies
  • Citizen Wellbeing Testbed - running a number of use cases covering health, social care and emergency services
  • Mobility testbed - use cases related to transport and travel in an urban environment
  • Manufacturing - use cases related to industrial processes and logistics
  • Construction - use cases covering design and build

The 5G popup is an early activity to generate some external visibility and to encourage engagement in the programme. Ideally therefore any demonstrations should signpost the work of UCC. This will also be a bit of a public facing launch for the project.

Specific ask

We are seeking a technology company or a Mobile Network Operator to identify and run approximately four demos that will generate press coverage and interest in the programme. That includes:

  • Identifying suitable demonstrations
  • Setting up the location and technology (using own equipment)
  • Running the demonstrations
  • Running PR/Marketing in conjunction with UCC partners (referred to below)

The demonstrations will need to include at least some 5G New Radio.

We have secured a location in the Thinktank museum provided by Birmingham City University (BCU) fronting a public space for the demonstrations. This comprises two offices, Office 1 has an area of 68.2 square meters and Office 2 has an area of 65.0 square meters for a total area of 133 square metres and has additional public access areas that may be possible to utilise. 

The timeline for the demonstrations is anticipated to be July to September, with June available for location setup. 

Contract summary


  • Telecommunications network - 32412100
  • Telecommunications services - 64200000
  • Data network management and support services - 72315000

Location of contract
West Midlands

Value of contract
£50k - £134k

Published date
13 May 2019

Closing date
24 May 2019

Contract start date
01 July 2019

Contract end date
30 September 2019

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