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What you thought of CES 2019

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 18 Jan 2019
  • Last modified 28 Jan 2019

CES is a bellweather for industry
This year, voice-control and intelligent speaker systems, real time translation services that could enable international trade particularly with China, and AI, 5G and immersive technologies as the key enablers were the strongest themes. VR and AR were everywhere, almost casually deployed across marketing and services, but without any big fanfare. Jeremy Silver, Digital Catapult’s CEO

5G in 2019: The benefits, rollout and challenges at CES 2019
2019 is the year 5G is slated to become a reality, but it won't be for everyone. Engadget spoke with Qualcomm and Samsung on stage at CES... 

What did Atherton Research have to say about CES?
Despite the fact that 2019 is the year of 5G and that this next-generation wireless technology is critical for most of the products and services showcased at CES (mobility, smartphones, drones, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, IoT, cloud...), it's unfortunate that the key takeaway for consumers of 5G at CES boils down to this marketing mess [source]

An honest review of the disappointing MNO demo's by Venturebeat
"It now seems highly unlikely that early 5G phones will offer 5G service across all three U.S. networks, say nothing of international 5G networks. From my standpoint, this all points to the opportunity for plenty of confusion in 2019. I’m hoping that post-CES events, particularly this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, provide some much-needed clarity for the entire cellular industry — and the billions of consumers who now depend upon it" [source

Verizon's keynote speech 
Verizon's CEO, Hans Vestberg, provided an enthusiastic presentation supported by partnerships with the New York Times & Walt Disney. His keynote provided a different positioning of 5G in the USA than we see in Europe or Asia, all before an audience (estimated over 10,000) and some strong wholesale and innovation themes, appealing mainly to US trade partnerships.