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Why 5G smart roads are the future of transport

  • 1 minute read
  • Published by Lucy Woods on 17 Jun 2019
  • Last modified 17 Jun 2019
While truly autonomous vehicles may still be some way off in the UK, 5G roads connected to sensors and smart highways will pave the way

By the end of the summer, 15 futuristic poles will line the 1km route from Nokia’s head office to the train station at Kera, each fitted with an array of sensors and antenna, which together create a 5G network that will allow the bus to drive autonomously.

The poles are part of LuxTurrim5G, a project driven by Nokia Bell Labs, and if successful the system will form a key part of a new smart city of 15,000 inhabitants in Espoo that Nokia hopes to build over the next ten years.

“A wider use for the poles, in more isolated, rural areas of Finland, would be to utilise their in-built cameras to survey the environment and give a heads-up warning to cars of possible collisions with moose and other animals,” explains Pekka Wainio, project manager at Nokia Bell Labs.

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