5G Nation: The UK 5G Ecosystem 2018

    Report added by Digital Catapult on 30 Jun 2018
In late 2017 Digital Catapult was asked by Innovate UK to utilise its impartial position within the digital innovation landscape to provide an ecosystem view of 5G activities in the UK

The aim of this report is to build a picture of the UK 5G ecosystem to drive forward innovation and identify the challenges and opportunities of early adoption of 5G technology in ways that maximise the benefit to the UK economy. Reaching out to a wide ranging representation of the 5G ecosystem, this report presents a snapshot of the current state of 5G-relevant activities, community-contributed insights and views on 5G in the UK, with the aim of informing wider stakeholders including industry, academia and startups.

We have also compiled supplementary materials for this report which you can access here.