5G: A transformative technology

    Report Published on 5 Apr 2019
How the next network upgrade could supercharge your business and the UK economy.

From: Barclays Corporate 

5G could supercharge the UK economy by up to £15.7bn per year by 2025 but the opportunity could be missed if industry leaders don’t know enough about the benefits of investing in the technology.

With the government supporting the rollout of the necessary digital infrastructure, the bidding process has begun in the telecoms industry, igniting the pace of growth not just in London, but nationally.

The extreme speed that 5G can bring to businesses will create extensive machine-to-machine communications, innovations in artificial intelligence, large scale Internet of Things (IoT) and data rates 20 times faster than 4G.

The possibilities could be endless, if you are ready for this roll out. There’s no question that awareness needs to be raised across businesses to ensure they can maximise the commercial benefits as this becomes accessible.

In our new report, we survey businesses across the country to understand whether they are ready for this 5G evolution and if not, provide some insight which we hope can help you harness this technology within your business.