5GRIT delivery summary November 2018

    Report added by Quickline on 14 Dec 2018
Executive Summary | Quickline | 5GRIT delivery

As part of the milestone delivery for this period, one of the targets was to achieve live customer connections on the 5G network. During the last six weeks Quickline have being working to turn two test networks into live test beds. This has been successful and the project now has two live 5G technology test beds. One using TV White Space technology, that harnesses the spare TV spectrum to deliver broadband services to premises that have no line of sight to existing Fixed Wireless infrastructure or to standard Mobile phone networks. The second network has been built using Millimetre wave technology and built to deliver ultrafast, ultra low-latency connections.

So far twelve customers have been connected onto the network. TV White Space connections have been able to demonstrate speeds around 10Mbps. The Millimetre wave connections have been able to achieve speeds in excess of 400Mbps.

Both networks are within Rural areas and can provide services into homes and businesses that are traditionally hard to reach broadband areas. The following report demonstrates how this network has been built and what the first customers think about the new 5G service