How can 5G technology support the emergency services?

    Report added by techUK on 3 May 2019
techUK has developed a new report on how 5G technology can transform and support the emergency services as part of #The5GFuture campaign week.

Source: techUK

Our police, ambulance, fire and  rescue services (the emergency services) rely on the ability to share mission-critical information between themselves and each other in order properly carry out their duties. 

These communications have traditionally been focused on delivering critical voice data. But the advent of 5G presents an opportunity to transform emergency services communications, enabling them to share a much wider range of communications data. This will have a significant impact on effectiveness and efficiency. 

techUK has developed a new report on how 5G technology can support the emergency services. This report looks at why 5G matters to the UK emergency services, along with use cases of the network within different places, such as in the control room, on the frontline and at the device level.  

techUK is excited to be able to share this report and to highlight the importance of 5G and digital technology and the opportunities that can arise from them to ensure the UK becomes a digital leader.