Industrial 5G

    Report added by Digital Catapult on 2 Aug 2019

“Industrial 5G, promoted by Digital Catapult, is the conceptual framework, architectures, principles and best practices that will guide 5G deployment and integration into key vertical industrial processes and systems. As this concept evolves, the UK has a unique opportunity to take a crucial global leadership role in this space, while driving the early adoption of 5G into key industrial sectors of the UK economy.”

  • Dritan Kaleshi, Head of Technology - 5G

Industrial 5G” is a term set out by the Digital Catapult to capture the conceptual framework, architectures, principles and best practices guiding 5G deployment and integration with specific vertical industrial processes and systems. 

This “Industrial 5G” framework will provide a common framework to inform vertical industrial sectors such as manufacturing and logistics, as well as the telecommunications sector. This will provide effective guidance on: 

  • How to deploy 5G in industrial environments.
  • How to exploit 5G characteristics towards an integrated advanced digital infrastructure fit for digitalised processes in industries. 
  • How to achieve interoperability and coherence within and between 5G systems; with legacy systems integrated within the 5G service architecture or operating on top of it; and across regulatory domains.
  • How to ensure the provision of a standardised, scalable, high-performing advanced digital infrastructure that can be adapted to many industrial applications. 

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