Lowering barriers to 5G deployment

    Guide added by UK5G on 20 Jul 2018
Produced by the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) and Analysys Mason, this 69 page report aims to examine and provide solutions to barriers to 5G network deployment.

The enourmous potential of 5G has led to a world-wide determination from countries eager to lead the way in profiting from the capabilities afforded by the revolutionary technology. The UK Government also has resolved to be amongst the first to enjoy the advantages and benefits on offer.

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Key findings include:

  1. It is unclear what network structure will be most appropriate for 5G in the UK...but the challenges of 4G are likely to be multipled for 5G.
  2. The biggest barrier is economic - will investment produce the necessary financial return? What demand is there for 5G? What use cases might it enable which we don't yet know?
  3. The government's approach of stimulating demand by demonstrating 5G potential through the Testbeds and Trials programme is appropriate
  4. UK leadership may be behind nations where state assistance/funds may be available

All in all, 13 specific blocks are identified and explored in the report, ranging from legislative issues to deployment concerns and 21 recommendations are made, with the central theme being collaboration.