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    Newsletter Published on 26 Oct 2018
Copy of the fortnightly UK5G newsletter with welcoming note from Dr Rick Robinson, Digital Property and Cities Leader, Arup

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As the UK negotiates Brexit, the competitiveness of our economy is of central concern. The role of infrastructure and innovation in improving productivity means that more attention is on our readiness to deploy and exploit 5G to improve productivity than any previous digital communications infrastructure.

The UK5G programme roll-out will not only stimulate the 5G market, but it will help shape it too.

Whilst digital technologies have contributed greatly to economic growth and quality of life since the “Personal Computer” spread into homes and offices in the 1980s, those benefits have not always been equally distributed.

Digital technologies have enabled business models which distribute a higher proportion of the wealth they create to the owners of capital assets than to providers of labour. At the same time technology has tended to automate those jobs. Digital infrastructures have primarily been deployed in areas with the most active economies, contributing to the “digital divide”. And whilst companies whose business models are fuelled by online transactions surpass $1 trillion valuations for the first time - and dominate the lists of the fastest-growing companies in sectors from Retail to Transport to Real Estate - the use of digital technologies to deliver improved public service outcomes at lower cost has progressed more slowly.

One programme will not address all of the issues; but by including rural demonstrators with urban demonstrators, public sector use cases in innovation programmes, assessing regulatory and policy issues as well as social, economic, and environmental impact alongside commercial sustainability,  UK5G is certainly asking the right questions.

Dr Rick Robinson FBCS CITP FRSA AoU (Follow on Twitter)
Digital Property and Cities Leader, Arup
Open Group Distinguished Certified IT Architect

Featured Event: UK5G in Freight/Logistics workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to inform the latest thinking from Government on potential approaches for applying 5G technologies to the freight & logistics sectors, and also to help identify potential challenges.

Date: 2nd November 2018
Location: Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes
Cost: Free

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RESOURCE: Smart places … smart collaborations​​
Presentation slides from Dr Rick Robinson, Associate Director, Digital Property and Cities, Arup​, following the Future Cities Catapult Hyperconnected Workshop last month.

EVENT: An Advanced Introduction to 5G Technology
An intensive full-day training on 5G technology run by Zahid Ghadialy on 6th December at the Bradfield Centre, Cambridge Science Park. 

MEDIA: Next: the Mobile Virtual Central Office​
Red Hat has been working on the Virtual Central Office (VCO) and now it’s turning its attention to developing a mobile architecture for it in time for 5G. 

BLOG: 5G & Smart Tourism: a match made in heaven?​
The first in a series of blogs delving into sectors where 5G is being trialled. First up; 'smart tourism', a fun and engaging “front door” for wider 5G engagement.

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