Radio technology for 5G - making it work

    Guide added by University of Bristol on 19 Sep 2018
On 18th September CW held a well-received joint Radio Technology and Academic Industry SIG event. Here, University of Bristol PhD student Roger Green, discusses his experience.

My first real job was tuning IF stages on VHF SSB radios for Pye Telecom in St Andrews Road, Cambridge (does anyone remember them?), using a hand-built diode probe and AVO 8. I was also privileged to witness the beginnings of cellular as Racal, the company I was at the time working for, demerged out of the fledging Vodafone.  Roll forward 30-ish years and here I am, a Bristol University first year PhD communications student, witnessing the birth of 5G…

So, what is 5G exactly? Is it going to allow me to stream ‘Game of Thrones’ in 1080p whilst waiting for the next tube train on the northern line? Well apparently, not…yet 

The Cambridge Wireless (CW) event that I recently attended, “Radio Technology for 5G - Making it work”, was full of the industry’s movers and shakers with each presentation being a clear and concise representation of not only the potential of 5G, but also its problems and possible pitfalls.

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