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Copy of the fortnightly UK5G newsletter with welcoming note from John Naylon, CTO, CBNL, UK5G Advisory Board Member

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One of the most exciting aspects of 5G is the increasing breadth of use cases beyond mobile broadband, yet in some circles this also provokes anxiety about untested business cases.

A clear and present business case is the reason that one new use case, fixed wireless access, or FWA, predominates in early 5G operators’ plans for additional revenue streams. FWA — in other words, the provision of broadband to homes or businesses wirelessly, rather than via copper or fibre — benefits from a halo effect from customers’ satisfaction with (indeed dependence on!) mobile broadband. For operators it represents a large and highly tangible opportunity.

How large? In the USA, where Verizon are already offering commercial 5G FWA to homes, the residential market size is between $65B and $70B annually, with Verizon estimating they can address 20–30% of this with 5G. EU-wide, the total opportunity is even larger, at almost $80B annual service revenue just for the residential sector. Here in the UK, the market is at least $7B annually, with recent research by Ovum (commissioned by Three) suggesting that, in performance terms, 5G FWA is comparable to fibre-based products and can serve 85% of the market needs.

Of course, FWA is not a new idea. The cost to build networks has been decreasing — and the performance of those networks increasing — for many years (trends CBNL is at the forefront of, incidentally). 5G will accelerate these trends by bringing to bear greater economies of scale and an enlarged ecosystem. In many scenarios, FWA is already the most cost-effective way to deliver broadband connectivity, and the advent of 5G will establish this advantage even more widely. Excitement without the anxiety!

John Naylon
CTO, CBNL & UK5G Advisory Board Member

Featured Event: Virtual Networks 2.0: Cloud-Native Deployments for 5G

Date: 11th December 2018
Location: Bradfield Centre, Cambridge
Cost: Free

Sessions include:

  • Turning the cellular system into a distributed cloud - InterDigital Europe
  • Enabling the adoption of key cloud native principles - Oracle
  • Orchestration is critical capability for the success of 5G - BT

There is currently a shift from the traditional way of engineering networks to delivering future mobile, fixed core and access networks as an enterprise service architecture with regional data centres interconnected through a software-defined wide area network. This workshop will cover concrete deployment insights by key players in this field with references to ongoing industry activities.

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NEWS: Blu Wireless Technology has won a prestigious clutch of awards​
Congratulations to Blu Wireless, member of Liverpool's 5G Health and Social Care Consortium, who complete an eventful year, with not one, but two awards!

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