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    Newsletter Published on 21 Nov 2018
Copy of the fortnightly UK5G newsletter with welcoming note from Howard Benn of Samsung Electronics, UK5G Advisory Board Member

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My bed time reading this week has been the excellent new book from Prof Stephen Temple CBE “Casting the Nets: From GSM to Digital TV”. It reminded me that just before I started working on GSM everything was country based, it was the UK ‘vs’ France and Germany. Today our technology standards are mainly driven by industry, so now it is Ericsson ‘v’ Nokia (other manufactures are available).

So is there a role for a UK Government based industry strategy today? Obviously I think there is, but I still wonder what is the best route to achieving it, and what are the goals? We no longer have any companies manufacturing phones or radio networks in the UK, so growing manufacturing is out. Our service industries are doing well, having recently been at a 5G Satellite meeting in The Engine Room in Moorgate I was highly impressed by the number of technology start-ups just in that building. Across the UK we have a thriving entrepreneurial environment.

As part of the EU funded 5G-VINNI program (which is connected to three other test labs; Telefonica, Telenor and University of Patras in Greece) Samsung have started to help bridge the gap. We are putting 5G  infrastructure into BT labs in Ipswich to create an environment where start-ups can test their applications on Samsung’s 5G phones. Being an EU project it is connected to 2 other test sites in Europe, so we have an EU funded program helping a UK Government strategic goal.

Howard Benn, Head of Standards and Industrial Affairs, Samsung Electronics
UK5G Advisory Board Member

Featured Event: Virtual Networks 2.0: Cloud-Native Deployments for 5G

Date: 11th December 2018
Location: The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge
Cost: Free

This event will shed light on the observation that in 5G 'IT meets Telecom'. Hear speakers from BT, Oracle, and InterDigital Europe. For full event details including the agenda and speakers, visit the Cambridge Wireless event page.

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RESOURCE: 5G Smart Manufacturing Working group 
Access to Claire Caminade, Commercial Product Lead 5G at Digital Catapult, presentation slides "What are the use cases for the manufacturing sector?"

EVENT: 5G What's it all about & how can it benefit Business, Public Sector & Communities​
28th November: WiredCumbria have teamed up with 5Grit to deliver this informative workshop on the potential of 5G for Cumbria Business.

MEDIA: Wi-Fi can't rest on it's laurels in the 5G era
In a wide-ranging interview, Mansoor Hanif, the new CTO of the UK's telecoms and media regulator, Ofcom, talks in detail about the continued importance and impact of Wi-Fi in the age of 5G.

MEDIA: What makes 5G different?
5G RuralFirst are developing a series of short videos which promote the key things you need to know about 5G, & their project. Three more to follow!

NEWS: Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care embraces emerging technologies in the health and social care sector​
Ann Williams,  Liverpool City Council, Commissioning and Contract Manager and Liverpool Health and Social Care 5G Project Lead discusses how connectivity is changing the face of healthcare.

UPDATE: Autoair progress at Millbrook
In pictures; the AutoAir network is starting to be deployed at Millbrook Proving Ground.

NEWS: UK5G board meeting – The market story so far
UK5G board members came together a couple of weeks back to discuss project progress, barriers and to answer questions on the insights gained from their ventures in the quarter from July to September 2018.

Recent UK5G members include...


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