What Does 5G Mean in 2019?

    Presentation added by National Instruments on 9 Sep 2019

5G, So Far

At the end of February each year, more than 100,000 people gather in Barcelona to attend the biggest, flashiest mobile technology tradeshow—Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona. With few exceptions, this is where all major players in communications show off their latest prototypes, announce product releases, and demo futuristic technology. Since 2015, MWC has been abuzz with 5G talk and speculation. And MWC 2019 marked a clear milestone for the communications industry: 5G is no longer hype—5G is here. This year, the show’s atmosphere and innovation were notably different. As Lauren Goode and Jeffrey Van Camp from Wired Magazine put it, phones are starting to get weird again with new form factors and features. Service operators, infrastructure manufacturers, device manufacturers, and semiconductor manufacturers all demonstrated 5G offerings. Test and measurement companies also displayed their latest essential equipment for wireless companies to transition from prototype to product.

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