The UK is Europe’s top investment destination.  As the 5th largest economy in the world, the UK is the leading destination for foreign investment in Europe.

A liberal economy combined with world class talent and a business-friendly regulatory environment sees the UK ranked as 2nd in the G20 for ease of doing business, with the following strengths:

  • More global multinationals have created subsidiaries in the UK than anywhere else, with the exception of the USA. This multinational presence creates an ideal platform for the development of strategic partnerships for both R&D and Go To Market needs and the engagement with globally relevant ecosystems.
  • The PWC Global CEO Survey ranked the UK as 4th most favoured investment destination
  • The UK has 90 world-class universities with four in the global top ten (Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and UCL). The quality of UK academic research ranks as best in the G7 and all other comparator countries and has done every year since 2007.

Within the UK, telecoms revenues make a £31.5 billion contribution to the economy.

  • Retail fixed and retail mobile services generated £14.0bn and £12.5bn in revenue respectively in 2020, £5.1bn coming from wholesale services.
  • 96% of the UK has access to Superfast broadband
  • 19.3 million homes in the UK can connect to gigabit capable broadband
  • 92% of the UK landmass is predicted to have good 4G coverage from at least one operator, and this area includes nearly all of the premises in the UK
  • 5G coverage from ‘at least one MNO’ now ranges from 47% (very high confidence) to 63% (high confidence) of premises outdoors.
Why Invest in the UK?

The UK offers world-class talent, high investment and a robust, business-friendly environment to reliably expand, trade and invest.

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Why Invest in UK Telecoms?

The Telecoms Sector benefits from its engagements in the broader UK Tech industry sector as evidenced by the scale of 5G testbeds that includes 39 UK Academic Institutions actively collaborating in 5G projects and trials over the last four years.
The UK tech industry is a key growth sector, growing at a faster rate than the UK economy and maintaining its lead as one of the world’s premier locations for tech of all kind.

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