The entry into the telecoms and Open RAN market of established and new USA tech suppliers and especially the hyperscalers (Meta, Intel, Microsoft, AWS, VMWare, DELL, Redhat, Airspan) could help accelerate innovation, competition, investment and commercial adoption – across all communications market segments.

Such developments could be some help for UK integrators, neutral hosts and smaller, community or private network service providers, as they could take advantage of mature, scalable, ready-to-run 5G cloud platforms provided and supported by global actors at scale. It may create opportunities for new cloud-native 5G service providers to emerge under the right conditions – like Dish, Rakuten or 1&1.

Dish Smart 5GTM

Dish have built a pioneering greenfield cloud-native 5G Open RAN national network in the USA. Commercial service launched in summer 2022 across 120 major and smaller cities, providing 20% population coverage at launch rising to an ambitious 70% target by summer 2023.  Dish is partnering with AWS, Cisco, CommScope, Dell, Fujitsu, Intel, JMA, Mavenir, Nokia, Oracle, Palo Alto, Qualcomm, Samsung and VMware to build their 5G cloud-native network, claiming to be the only major network in the world built primarily with American technology.

Open RAN Policy Coalition

The Open RAN Policy Coalition represents a group of companies to promote policies that advance the adoption of open and interoperable Radio Access Network solutions, as a means to advance innovation, competition and supply chain diversity for advanced wireless technologies including 5G. Its underlying focus appears to be on supply chain security and cyber security – also aligning to relevant Quad initiatives.

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