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5G RailNext

  • Started on 16 Jul 2019

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5G RailNext is a demonstrator for interactive media, such as augmented reality, over 5G in the marketing and creative industries. Its goal is to show that the next generation of mobile networks and platforms has the potential to improve passenger experience, enable new marketing channels and create new revenue streams for advertisers, media owners and operators. Bringing together a consortium of public and private sector organisations, 5G RailNext is testing the technical capabilities and creative possibilities of next generation networks, such as 5G, in one of the toughest environments possible: an underground metro system, on the Glasgow subway in the UK and the Seoul metro in South Korea.

The 5G RailNext consortium includes world-leading expertise from the technology, marketing and transport sectors, through organisations including Cisco, the University of Strathclyde, Amplespot, Sublime, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and Glasgow City Council.

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