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Infralink Programme

  • Started on 16 Dec 2021

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Numerous challenges are being faced by the public sector and mobile industry when interacting to agree locations and the terms for new and existing mobile digital infrastructure. A mixture of complexity of process and legislation has resulted in a lack of engagement between the two sectors that is negatively impacting 4G/5G macro roll out and upgrades, and in time could delay 5G small cell deployment. The two sides need to reengage based around a set of national
tools, and expert sector and technical support.

The Infralink programme aims to improve the engagement between the public sector and the
mobile industry. By solving some of the issues now, by the time mass 5G small cells
roll out comes to Scotland, the parties will be ready to deploy at speed and scale,
and with maximum efficiency. Infralink has established national tools that are workable and transparent, and provide a balanced starting point for negotiations:

  • Standardised agreement documents – a balanced starting point removing the
    need to negotiate standard terms, allowing the parties to focus on the nuances
    relating to deploying new sites or upgrading or relocating existing ones.
  • Payment guidance - sets out recommended methodology and prices to
    occupy/use the assets that builds upon the principles of the Electronic
    Communications Code and recognises the impact of digital infrastructure as a
  • A connected marketplace - an online map-based source of data for use by
    both parties to help discussions about extending coverage in an area.

The Infralink tools have been developed in consultation with the mobile industry and public sector organisations so they can apply to rural and urban areas, land and buildings, areas of existing industry interest and new areas to support future opportunities. The tools build off existing developments and set out best practice to provide a basis for meaningful discussion. Infralink is also a source of technical and operational advice and can help facilitate engagement between parties.

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