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Smart Place Pilot

  • Started on 1 Dec 2019

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Project Status - Ongoing

  • Start Date: December 2019
  • End Date: March 2021
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £1,000,000
  • Awarded to: BCP Council

BCP Council have undertaken a full consultation on public health concerns. In December 2019, the project was confirmed to go ahead with a BCP Council match funding amount of £330,000. 

This project will support innovation by enabling the testing of 5G applications and equipment in the Lansdowne area of Bournemouth.

The creation of an internet of things in the Lansdowne area will improve services, provide free public wi-fi and attract new investment, employment and innovation in Bournemouth.

The project will enable local manufacturers to speed up production of 5G machines in Dorset through real-world testing. This will put Dorset's local advanced manufacturing and digital sectors even further at the forefront of innovation.

Expected outcomes by 2025:
- Jobs created at the project site and the surrounding area - 400
- Gross Direct Impact (GDI) - £14.4 million
- Gross Value Added (GVA) - £37.6 million
- Net Additional Local Impact - £18.4 million

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