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5G Encode

  • Started on 18 Feb 2020

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Government funding: £3,822,760

Project Overview & Summary

5G-ENCODE is a pioneering project looking to make the benefits of 5G technology a reality for UK manufacturers. The project has been set up to establish clear business cases and value propositions for the application of 5G networks in industrial settings.

Led by Zeetta Networks, activity started in early 2020 and will run until March 2022. The key objective is to design and deliver a private 5G network within the National Composites Centre. This will be used to explore new business models and 5G technologies, including network slicing and splicing, within an industrial environment.

Specifically, activity will focus on three areas:

  • AR/VR to support design, manufacturing and training - Business benefit: up to 20% cost reduction
  • Monitoring and tracking of time sensitive assets - Business benefit: up to 5% productivity improvement
  • Wireless real-time in-process monitoring and analytics - Business benefit: up to 40% better yield

While the project focuses on industrial use cases within composites manufacturing, the outcomes will be sector agnostic and deployable across a range of industries, including hospitals, stadiums, offices and other venues which can benefit from next-generation networks. The consequence of this will be to enable new business models and opportunities, streamline operations and create additional revenue streams for millions of businesses.

As well as DCMS, UK5G, Zeetta Networks and the National Composites Centre, project partners include Telefonica, University of Bristol, Solvay, Mativision, Siemens, Toshiba and Plataine.

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