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5G Rural Dorset

  • Started on 1 Mar 2020

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Government funding: £4,335,000

Coastal public services – using 5G to save lives and enhance safety in coastal areas focusing on incident prevention. Using terrestrial and satellite connectivity, we aim to track critical equipment and pilot advanced search and rescue techniques.

Agri-tech - how connectivity needed by remote farms can be delivered cost-effectively. We will pilot leading-edge agricultural technologies to track crop growth, monitor livestock and reduce water pollution.

Commercial connectivity - new 5G services on the Lulworth Estate and festival site, unlocking potential social and commercial uses from tourism and education to safety.

5G innovation hub - developing Dorset Innovation Park (formerly Winfrith) to allow existing and new businesses to test and develop 5G products and services collaboratively and securely.

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  • Colin Wood
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    Dorset Council

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