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Camberly be Inspired

  • Started on 26 Feb 2020

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We are keen to lead on how retail changes with technology and changing shopping

Which partners are involved in the project?

  • University of Surrey 
  • Alibaba 
  • Deloitte LLP 
  • Arcom IT 
  • Natta 
  • The Knowledge Transfer Partnership 
  • Story Futures 
  • Stuart Fenton Consultancy 
  • Montagu Evans 
  • Surrey Heath Borough Council 

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How can I get involved in the project? 
Please contact us 

How can I open a shop in readiness for the test-bed? 
Please contact us 

Will there be a physical space for me to work on the test-bed? 
Yes, as part of the project, we will deliver new flexible working and incubation space with IoT and direct 5G core access to the University of Surrey. 

Which IoT networks will be available? 
The project plans to support SigFox, LoraWAN and NB-IoT but we anticipate support for more networks in time. 

Will the project be open data? 
Yes, all parties working on the test-bed will be committed to an open data methodology. 

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Organisations participating in this project