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Connected Communities in the Rural Economy (CoCoRE)

  • Started on 1 Mar 2020

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Government funding: £5,000,000

The project will connect rural communities by demonstrating how 5G technology can open up new opportunities for businesses and citizens.

Its focus is centred upon the south east Wales rural region of Monmouthshire and its neighbour Blaenau Gwent. They will innovate in areas such as ‘immersive tourism’ and ‘farming security’ as key parts of the rural economy, whilst leveraging related technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Cyber Security as part of an as part of an ‘innovation platform’.

Everyone in every industry will feel the positive effects of 5G and we aim to put rural Wales at the front of the queue through our ‘Connected Communities in the Rural Economy’ project.

Organisations participating in this project