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Connected Cowes

  • Started on 13 Jan 2021

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  • Government funding: £826,915
  • Total project value: £ 1,654,389
  • Location: South East, Isle of Wight

The Connected Cowes project is looking at how 5G technology can create an immersive yacht racing experience for the sailing community and spectators in Cowes and online, and to widen the audience and appeal of the sport.

5G technology will be used to stream real-time, virtual reality video from on-board yachts racing at events from Cowes across multiple classes throughout the summer. This will be used to create engaging content and enable an immersive teaching experience using 5G-powered VR as a gateway to the sport.

Laurence Mead, Regatta Director at Cowes Week said: "We are thrilled to be able to take sailing into a new age. It's such a diverse and inclusive sport and we can't wait to be able to bring it out of the water and onto the internet via 5G.

“This funding is going to enable us to showcase world-beating, non-stadium sports coverage. Our event takes place over 20 square miles of water and will test 5G to the limit.”

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