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MK:5G Connecting Communities Testbed

  • Started on 12 Jan 2020

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The consortium is now taking expressions of interest from companies who would like to conduct trials in the testbed.

5th generation (5G) mobile wireless technology is emerging onto the market, providing connectivity with vast improvements to bandwidth, latency and reliability, and promising to radically improve the Smart City links between people & infrastructure. This powerful technology will transform a multitude of industries such as transport, manufacturing, health and tourism and will support the growth of new markets, such as immersive technologies (AR/VR).

The MK:5G project is an exciting new testbed in the Milton Keynes area, including the deployment of dedicated 5G infrastructure and the creation of a data hub facility. The 5G mobile network is designed exclusively for research and development purposes and will cover central MK including key sites (such as the Stadium, Bletchley & CMK rail stations, Hospital, Universities), key junctions on the M1 and a number of rural communities.

The testbed will focus on trialling applications across three core themes: Mobility, Health & Wellbeing, and Energy. Several trials are already planned across each theme and extensive datasets will be stored in the data hub.

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Who can apply?
Applications to use the testbed are open to any business, although we are particularly interested in working with businesses based within the South East Midlands area. We are keen to ensure that the process is also open and supportive to SME applications.

Businesses are welcome to apply for development and trials using the testbed infrastructure, for access to the datahub facility, or both. If applicants are interested in finding additional business or academic partners to enhance their development, CPC is happy to facilitate these discussions, please include details in the form below.

How to apply
Registration is currently open and will be ongoing until March 2021.

Please complete this form and return to: SME@ts.catapult.org.uk including MK:5G Registration in the subject line. Applicants will be considered by the consortium partners on a monthly basis.

Find out more
The Connected Places Catapult will be hosting a series of events in early 2020 to allow businesses interested in the MK:5G project to meet the consortium partners, learn more about the testbed capabilities and to network.

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