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CW's well-respected print magazine has now moved online

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 19 Jan 2022
  • Last modified 24 Jan 2022
Offering insightful academic-style articles and high-quality analyses of topical issues now available in an easy-to-read digital format.

Use the pages hosted here to explore brand new content and archived topics from deep technology, AI, 5G, 6G, to business concepts and use cases - directly or peripherally - about the wireless industry and across every vertical.

Some of the things being offered through its new online guise are:

Free digital access to the full archive of past articles, with new pieces appearing weekly in the months to come. Following CW's track record of including technology and business ‘red meat’ in every issue, this issue launches with:

  • A state-of-the-art review on positioning for autonomous vehicles from Rod Bryant of u-blox
  • Dr Tony Milbourn exploring the start of cellular
  • Wireless evangelist Nick Hunn sharing his views on Bluetooth LE Audio
  • Myself looking back at 31 years since 2G was launched 

Where it's appropriate, CW also revisit some of those past articles and see where the state-of-the-art has moved to. When the CW Journals was in print production, timescales made it difficult to pick up and comment on fast-breaking news, but online They're able to keep even more relevant and topical too.

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