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TIP: Facilitating, Accelerating and Enabling Open RAN

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 26 Jan 2023
  • Last modified 24 Jan 2023
When TIP was founded in 2016, it was founded on three simple principles.

The first was to act as a facilitator for global industry to enable an ecosystem of vendors, mobile operators, system integrators, regulators, etc. to develop, test and deploy open and disaggregated solutions across RAN, transport and core.

The second was to accelerate the commercial adoption of secure, high performance and low cost open & disaggregated solutions for all deployment use cases through test and system validation.

Finally, to enable supply chain diversity, economy of scale for vendor community and economy of time for service providers with deployment-ready solutions for many use cases.

The OpenRAN group was one of the initial groups within TIP that encapsulated these three principles and much more. Key tenets of the group include:

  • Disaggregation of RAN HW & SW on vendor neutral, GPP-based platforms
  • Open Interfaces – Implementations using open interface specifications between components (e.g. RU/CU/DU/RIC) with vendor neutral hardware and software.
  • Multiple Architecture Options, includingAn all integrated RAN with disaggregation at SW and HW level
  • A split RAN with RU, BBU (DU/CU)
  • A split RAN with RU, DU and CU
  • A split RAN with integrated RU/DU, CU
  • Flexibility – Multi vendor solutions enabling a diverse ecosystem for the operators to choose best-of-breed options for their 2G/3G/4G and 5G deployments
  • Solutions implemented on either Bare Metal or Virtualized or Containerized Platforms
  • Innovation via Adoption of New Technologies (AI/ML, CI/CD…)
  • Supply Chain Diversity

Case Study: A Thriving TIP Community in indonesia

Indonesia TIP Case Study
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