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UK5G share their 5GTT highlights

  • 4 minute read
  • Published by Crispin Moller on 29 Sep 2022
  • Last modified 29 Sep 2022
As the 5G Testbeds & Trials programme draws to a close, the team at UK5G reflect

Robert Driver, Head of UK5G, said: “It is always hard to identify one highlight, but for me, it would have to be the UK’s 5G Showcase event that UK5G hosted in Birmingham in March. The buzz of over six hundred people in one place showcasing what had been achieved, reflecting on the lessons learned and most importantly, highlighting what needs to happen next, was a real testament to the programme.  In a post-covid world, there was a lot of excitement about people just being together in the physical realm but there was also something more than that; a feeling that every individual was part of something far bigger than use cases or projects – that the work being done will transform the UK’s economy and society and in many cases, already is.”

Vicki DeBlasi, Head of Marketing, said: “I’ve had the pleasure of working on 5GTT since its inception across numerous projects and more recently leading the marketing for UK5G.  There have been numerous highlights but the two that stand out the most have to be deploying connected collars to a very friendly bunch of cows in Somerset (who happily posed for headshots), and leading a passionate, hard-working and fun team for UK5G.”

Richard Foggie, KTN, Knowledge Transfer Manager, commented: “The UK5G Working Groups must be some of the unsung highlights of the 5GTT programme, communities of shared interest that give real value to their memberships. The Connected Places and LEPs (Regions)/SMEs have been really effective in spreading knowledge and best practices to Local Authorities and SMEs looking to crack new markets; doing ‘what it says on the can’ and helpfully informing DCMS in its ongoing policy development. Working with them has been a real pleasure, and eye opener.”

Andy Curtis, KTN, added: “KTN has been one of the three main delivery partners on UK5G over the last 5 years of this important DCMS programme. During that time we’ve seen 5G move from an emerging and aspirational technology to what is now a deployed and ‘in the economy’ technology. It’s been an immense pleasure to play a key role in the 5G testbed programme supporting the creation of new innovative collaborations, the growth of new platforms, products and solutions, and the amazing companies - small and large-that make them.”

Kate Cartwright, Social Media Editor, said: “One of my project highlights was the Green Planet AR Experience, which offered guests a window into the secret kingdom of plants through an immersive augmented reality journey accompanied by a virtual David Attenborough transformed into a 3D hologram.

She added: “The event landed on half term week, so it was great to take the kids out with me to see for themselves this engaging experience, which highlighted the full benefits of 5G connectivity for a consumer audience. The kids were completely immersed in a botanical world and had absolutely no trouble navigating the technology and now expect all cultural experiences to have AR!”

Dr Sven Knowles, KTN, said: “UK5G has highlighted where the future opportunities (and challenges) are for the application of 5G within the UK's current and future innovative manufacturing and industrial processes. The aim is to shorten manufacturing process lines and increase productivity, supporting the UK’s net zero ambitions.”

Emma Dexter, Marketing Executive, said: “I joined the UK5G Marketing Team just over 12 months ago and I’ve enjoyed every aspect of my role. My particular highlight was meeting the Robotic Barman at the Showcase drinks reception.”

Crispin Moller, UK5G Marketing, concluded: “Being part of UK5G has been an eye-opening experience. Getting to really understand how 5G has been tested and trialled the length of the country and across so many sectors makes you realise its potential. It’s about so much more than just fast data transfer. Where it all goes from here will be fascinating to see.”